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Reasons To Spy On A Cheat. Turning a blind eye just doesn’t work!

Should you spy on your cheating husband or wife? The need to know whether your spouse is cheating and EXACTLY what kind of cheating is taking place is often strong. There are a number of reasons why the drive to spy is powerful.

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How To Get A Cheap Divorce

Even when a marriage has totally broken down many couples are loathe to start divorce proceedings for a number of reasons:

1) Hope of a reconciliation
2) Thinking of the effect on the children
3) The cost of the divorce

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The Honey Trap – is he ready to cheat? Will you pay to find out?

It’s big business these days as many women are prepared to pay another woman to seduce their boyfriends or husbands!

Well, let’s be clear here, not to go all the way of course just to see if the man is open to temptation and, most importantly, if he’s willing to succumb!

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When Cheating Doesn’t Matter !

So you know or suspect that he’s having an affair. Is it the end of your pathetic little world? Is he thinking of leaving you for her or is it just a ‘lust’ thing – in other words he’s screwing around but you’re his only ‘love’- the one he’ll always come back to? Good for you, your marriage just got stronger!

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Is He Married ? Poll Says 1 In 3 Is Lying!

OK, so you’re on the dating site, you’ve checked your posts, and have been contacted by a few men expressing interest. You check out their profiles and there’s one that sounds just right, ticks all your boxes so you e-mail him back and before you know it your discussing getting together.

But what are the chances he’s married already? Is that really him in the photo? (Hey! This works both ways – for ‘he’ read ‘she’ too)…

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What’s cheating and what isn’t?

I was reading in the ‘What makes you happy’ blog about what the definition of infidelity is. For example look at this list and ask which of these you would consider as cheating:

1. Paying a prostitute for (safe) sex.

2. Having sex with someone from the office at a drunken office party…