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Is an Emotional Affair the Same as Cheating?

In this ever-changing world, it seems that even the terminology of old is taking on new context. It used to be that the idea of cheating was something that was black and white. In today’s society, there is now a grey area known as an emotional affair.

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How To Cope With A Suspected Cheater

Cheating is all too common in relationships. It is unfortunate, but in many cases, it is true. However, there are times when jealousy can cloud a person’s vision, making them envision their spouse’s infidelity based on unfounded feelings. So, how should you cope if you suspect your spouse is cheating?

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How to Confront a Suspected Cheater

Infidelity is one of the primary reasons that relationships break up. Now, you may suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, and you want to confront him or her — but you’re not sure how to proceed. You should take a few things into consideration before you march headstrong into a one-on-one confrontation with your spouse.

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Smart Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse

If you feel that your spouse may be cheating, you will want to find out the truth — you need to know the truth. As devastating as it may be, you have a right to know if your spouse is cheating on you. Here are four ways that can help you determine if your spouse is cheating: