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Monitoring Websites Visited by Your Partner. What are they hiding?

Perhaps the ethical question isn’t so much how do you monitor websites visited by your partner without getting caught, but should you check up on those sites visited by your partner?

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Is Online Flirting Cheating? Hey, I never met the guy!

It’s a difficult question to answer. Is online flirting cheating or is it just innocent fun and harmless play? This issue regularly divides couples as there are many different viewpoints that factor into the answer.

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Instant Message Monitoring – How do I do that?

Most people are relatively unaware that it is perfectly possible to engage in instant message monitoring. In some cases you don’t even need any special software since most computers and not so savvy individuals can leave all the necessary information on hand for you

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How to Spy on a Cheating Husband – It’s easy!

Most wives know when their husband is having an affair. Most women at the very least get a sense of their husband’s emotional and physical withdrawal, their disinterest in family life, and their sudden need to work extensively.

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How to Catch a Cheating Husband (Episode 296!)

Most women are not into ‘covert’ operations when it comes to spying on their husbands! The idea of staking out their husband’s office or tailing him through crowded streets is more fantasy than reality.

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Help in Surviving Infidelity – Sucks Don’t It?

Most people who experience being at the duped end of infidelity need a little help in surviving infidelity, although some people seem to take it in their stride. I could cut right to the core of the issue and simply state that if monogamy is a requirement for the continuation of the relationship then you’re better off knowing that your requirements are not being met.