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You Asked About: Cheater Catcher

William asks…

Cheater Catcher Vo. 2.0?

This guy is mocking me. I get requests to catch people cheating, this guy is just accusing everyone. If you see him ignore him.

*Email me if you want me to catch someone*

I am not a troll. I do not report people. I do this out of boredom.

Chas answers:

2 points.

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You Asked About: Honey Trap Agency

Mark asks…

does anyone know any honey trap agency or cheaters girls to hire. in usa nj?

it has to be in usa ny nj

Chas answers:


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You Asked About: Find Jobs

Mandy asks…

How do you find jobs in healthcare that offer tuition reimbursement?

I am currently an occupational therapy student working on my Master’s degree and I am trying to find ways to manage my student loans. I heard through a friend that works at a hospital that some hospitals will hire occupational therapists and offer tuition reimbursement. Does anybody know where I can find these types of jobs? Anything would help!

Chas answers:

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Their info:

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You Asked About: Air Tickets To India

Lisa asks…

What is the cost of air tickets from India to New Zealand?

I want to know what is the cost of air tickets from India to New Zealand and Back to India and what route it follows?
I would like to know the rates from Delhi to NZ…Actually any part of India.

Chas answers:

Dehli to singapore singa pore to sydney return (jet airways)

sydney to auckland return (qantas) dont know price


check your swelf

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You Asked About: How To Track A Carnival Cruise

John asks…

How can i keep track of a cruise being close to selling out?

Hi. First time cruiser, going along with other families. I am hoping to find some great last minute deals (cruise not till july) but i am finding that room blocks are different depending on where you book. i wish it were as easy as checking the carnival site to see what rooms are still avail but i am finding that they have different rooms avail, travel agents have others, cruise and travel sites have even more different ones. how can i tell if a cruise is close to selling out and i shouldn’t wait to book? thanks!

Chas answers:

If you plan on cruising in July, I would book the cruise now. Carnival will have no problem filling the ship during that month. Remember, school is closed and families are traveling during July. Try to book the early saver rate with Carnival. I have done that several times and saved money. One good site to get good cruise deals is
Sign up, its free!

Hope I helped!

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You Asked About: Catching Fluid Power

Sandra asks…

Can power steering fluid catch fire by dripping onto exhaust manifold?

Can power steering fluid catch fire by dripping onto exhaust manifold? I have a Stratus that the leaky power steering line runs right above the exhaust manifold and just need to know if it is possible for the fluid to catch fire?

Chas answers:

Yes it is, but its not likely to, stratus are known to leak everything, headgasket leak oil all over the place, it will more likely just smell and smoke from under hood.

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