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You Asked About: School Flirting Game

Sandy asks…

How do you “spit game” in high school (Please help, I’m desperate)?

I’ve been told I’m pretty cute and that I’m pretty athletic, and a lot of guys think that I’ve had girlfriends before (I’ve had one but it was in middle school) or had a lot of hook-ups with girls. This is all false, because in reality, I have no idea how to “spit game” or flirt with a girl. Last year I tried my own interpretation of flirting but it my friend told me it wasn’t flirting. Plus, every time I try my way of “flirting,” i.e. saying nice things about them, paying attention to the conversation, confidence, a little contact, and helping them with their problems, it always ends up with me being seen as a good friend. So, how do I “spit game” or flirt with a girl?

Chas answers:

Ok. There are many things to go over here. First, don’t ever say spit game again. Now that thats out of the way, you are doing everything right. All of the things you listed above are perfect ways to KEEP a girl. But in order to keep you must get. So be a little more confident at first when you meet some one. Be bold. Just come out and say, “I would like to take you out some time”. If she says no, who cares. She wasn’t for you. If she says yes, then do all of the things you listed above and you will be good. Girls probably think of you as a friend because you don’t ask them out before you do all of the nice things. Let them know first that you want more, and then follow with the good stuff.

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You Asked About: Wife Quotes

Robert asks…

I am an army fiance and i want to put cute army/army wife quotes around the house any ideas?

Im going to cut them out in vinyl and hang them around the house but i cant think of many right now.
Anyone know of anything.
Im asking for anything to do with the army and being a family in the army or being an army fiance/wife.

Im also making a scrapbook of our life so any quotes for that??

Chas answers:

The only one that comes to mind is the one about how one spouse might actually be in the army, but both really are.
Army wives, army brats. Expected to pick up and follow the career army spouse on a moments notice. And as in every job, the rank of the spouse means a lot, gee, at some bases, officers wives still show up at each others house for tea, or go to the door with their personal card and regrets if they are unable to go.
My Mom’s family were all military, got to go see most of them. All were officers. Hard to wait back home when the spouse is in harm’s way.
Good luck to you, and your fiance, sorry I could not be of more help.

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You Asked About: Hi Infidelity Band

Richard asks…

Should I be jealous or concerned?


My situation is this. My wife and I are quite happily married. She is a talented singer and wants to join a band or find a musician to practice and eventually play at local clubs. My concern is that my wife is an extremely attractive woman. I am not saying that because she is my wife but because it really is the case. Where ever she goes people compliment her on her beauty and her gentle demeanor. Being a man myself and knowing the attraction that people fel towards her, would I be an idiot to sit back and let her spend time with other adult men in the musical field? I worry that this could lead to an uncomfortable situation and in the worse case marital infidelity. I trust my wife but one can never be too sure of a situation until it avails itself. Should I be o.k. with this or should I say something to stop it. Men and women please reply.


Chas answers:

From a personal point of view, I also was a singer and told I was attractive and great personality. Never once did I even think of being with someone else than my husband. If your wife loves you and is committed to your marriage, you have nothing to worry about.

I would join her as much as possible, so you could be involved in this part of her life; plus she will love the support you give her. Be proud of her and know she and you are lucky to have found someone. We don’t know what the future holds; why worry about something that will probably never happen.

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You Asked About: Online Flirting Relationships

Robert asks…

How do I go about finding a safe online flirting relationship?

I am not interested in “hooking up.” I am just interested in having someone female to chat with online about the weeks events and for it to be totally open for any topic. I have tried Craigslist and it was a total waste of time, most of the girls were total fakes fishing for you to sign up for their online services. Any thoughts?

Chas answers:

Try Yahoo messanger it all depends upn ur luck

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You Asked About: How To Catch Out A Cheating Wife

Jenny asks…

how to catch yur wife when she is cheating?

she comes late at home
saying she was working extra in her job
but her boss told me she has not come from a month
she takes less interest in doing sex with me
she now wears small clothes
is mainly out of house
isnt these are signs she is cheating on me

Chas answers:

You need to hire a private investigator, and then show her the pictures.

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You Asked About: How To Detect Key Loggers

Linda asks…

How to Detect Key logger or a Spy on personal PC?

I work for a Company as a Sub Contractor Have my OWN Laptop I bought long before working @ the firm I work for. I seen a large turn over and found out they were being tracked on there computer. She has no legal right to monitor my Personal system. But my questions is…IS it possible to monitor Key strokes from another pc @ another location. And how ??? ANd How can I detect it and prove it

Chas answers:

Consider downloading a Free analysis of your computer at the following link. Http://

There are numerous good vendors of firewall, anti-virus, and spyware software that offer a free scan of your computer.

What I like about Belarc’ s free download it list your computer type, hardware and software. So I believe this will help you identify the name of any program that is spying on you. And any security questions you may have.

Spector is one of the largest software vendors that help companies spy on the computers of their employees
Their link is
There are others, but they are not a large.

There are a few removable key loggers that use a USB port to collect data, but I believe you would have noticed this on a laptop. It looks like a flash card.

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