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You Asked About: Catcher In The Rye

David asks…

Is ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ already a movie?

Recetly I was very surprised when I’ve found “The Catcher in the Ryein DVD at Amazon:

Description tells us that: “This is 75 minutes and 6 seconds of pure blue screen. Nothing less and nothing more” (!!!) How to understand it? Is it some kind of contemporary art or what?

Chas answers:

Clearly the amazon link is someone trying to make a dollar by using the name. They obviously do not think they will sell (m)any, since they are “manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.” IMHO, Salinger should find him/them and sue them.

Now, as to “Catcher”, no there has never been a film adaptation. Quoting from Wikipedia:


Attempted film adaptations

Early in his career, J. D. Salinger expressed a willingness to have his work adapted for the screen.[32] However, in 1949, a critically panned film version of his short story “Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut” was released; renamed My Foolish Heart and taking great liberties with Salinger’s story, the film is widely considered to be among the reasons that Salinger has refused to allow any subsequent movie adaptations of his work.[33] The enduring popularity of The Catcher in the Rye, however, has resulted in repeated attempts to secure the novel’s screen rights.

When The Catcher in the Rye was first released, many offers were made to adapt it for the screen; among them was Sam Goldwyn, producer of My Foolish Heart.[33] In a letter written in the early fifties, Salinger spoke of mounting a play in which he would play the role of Holden Caulfield opposite Margaret O’Brien, and, if he couldn’t play the part himself, to “forget about it.” Almost fifty years later, the writer Joyce Maynard definitively concluded, “The only person who might ever have played Holden Caulfield would have been J. D. Salinger.”[34]

Salinger told Maynard in the seventies that Jerry Lewis “tried for years to get his hands on the part of Holden,”[34] despite Lewis not having read the novel until he was in his thirties.[28] Celebrities ranging from Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson to Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio have since made efforts to make a film adaptation.[35] In an interview with Premiere magazine, John Cusack commented that his one regret about turning twenty-one was that he had become too old to play Holden Caulfield. Writer-director Billy Wilder recounted his abortive attempts to snare the novel’s rights, saying,

“ Of course I read The Catcher in the Rye….Wonderful book. I loved it. I pursued it. I wanted to make a picture out of it. And then one day a young man came to the office of Leland Hayward, my agent, in New York, and said, ‘Please tell Mr. Leland Hayward to lay off. He’s very, very insensitive.’ And he walked out. That was the entire speech. I never saw him. That was J. D. Salinger and that was Catcher in the Rye.[36] ”

In 1961, Salinger denied Elia Kazan permission to direct a stage adaptation of Catcher for Broadway.[37] More recently, Salinger’s agents received bids for the Catcher movie rights from Harvey Weinstein and Steven Spielberg,[38] neither of which was even passed on to Salinger for consideration.

In 2003, the BBC television program The Big Read featured The Catcher in the Rye, intercutting discussions of the novel with “a series of short films that featured an actor playing Salinger’s adolescent antihero, Holden Caulfield.”[37] The show defended its unlicensed adaptation of the novel by claiming to be a “literary review,” and no major charges were filed.

According to a speculative article in The Guardian in May 2006, there are rumors that director Terrence Malick has been linked to a possible screen adaptation of the novel.[39]

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You Asked About: Microsoft Partner Program

Helen asks…

Microsoft partner programme + free demo cds/dvds?

a friend told me that he’s managed to get loads of free cd’s/dvd’susing microsofts partner programme however, when i signed up the only cd demo I could find was server 2003. are there any others?

Chas answers:

You don’t need to be a partner to get trial CDs. Just search their site for “trial”. Most major products have trials available for free.

For time-unlimited versions, get a $350 subscription to TechNet Plus Direct. This will give you full versions of MOST MS products for evaluation and testing purposes (NOT PRODUCTION). It also gives you two free calls to MS Tech Support – a $490 value.

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You Asked About: Is Online Dating Cheating

Robert asks…

If you have a boy/girlfriend, is online-dating cheating?

I don’t use myspace, but recently made a profile. To make a long story short, on my boyfriend’s profile, there were many many MANY comments from a specific girl, with messages that I think are unacceptable to be giving to a man with a girlfriend. He must not have minded, though, or he would have deleted them and not have accepted her friendship. The messages spanned a long time, thanking him for gifts he mailed, talking about plane tickets, “I love you,” some sexual comments I won’t mention, etc. From the comments, it seems that they had quite a relationship. The comments calmed down, but all of them took place in a span of 4 months, all of which that we were together. It’s been almost a year since the comments.
Has it been too long for me to question, even though we WERE together during that time?
Is it silly to be concerned/upset/hurt over stupid comments on a website?
And does onlinedating (if that’s what they were doing “count” as cheating, in your book?
Just so you know — I did just find out, tonight. I wanted to know if asking about comments on myspace would be pathetic. =/ I sure feel it..

Thanks for the advice guys.

Chas answers:

I believe online dating aside from a relationship is just as much cheating as…”real-life” dating…however, almost a year is a long time. That said, its also a long time in which the same thing could have been occuring still. True…it might be he fell even deeper in love with you and that’s why the comments ceased. In which case if you ask him about it, hopefully you guys are at the stage where even if he did get offended, nothing big would come from it. Afterall, trust is everything in a relationship. Its not silly to ask him. Be concerned, show him you’re concerned. If he flilps out, thats all him. Thats a red flag as well. Not to be pessimistic…it is also just as like for him to have found another online profile thing that you are not aware of, like facebook of something, that he could be keeping this kind of thing going. It is a digital age and alot of stuff can be accomplished with computers.

I say ask him. If he’s offended, tell him you’re offended. He was wrong in what he did, and if he truely wasn’t, he’ll have a plausible alibi.

One thing though…if you JUST found out about it….DEFINATELY raise hell. I would. If you found out about it awhile ago…why did you wait?…….

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You Asked About: I Know My Husband Is Having An Affair What To Do

Helen asks…

Where do I begin? I am at a loss for words….?

I have been married for 15 years, 3 great kids. My wife and I barely speak to each other anymore, we have not slept in the same bed for over 4 years. I have been loyal to her and she has been loyal to me as well. We have made love, sex, about 5 times in 4 years. There is nothing there except pity on my side, fear of her family on the other. I know she loves me but it is not the way a wife should love her husband. I love her as the mother of my children but I am kind of embarrassed to say that if she would not be here when I wake up, I would not lose a days sleep. I am not a cold person, I just don’t want to feel like this anymore. Her family is very good to me, it would kill them but what am I supposed to do, just stay here and go see a marriage councilor? It would be a waste of time.

My problem is this. I have met an amazing person who has opened my eyes, she is just a good girl. She is years younger than me but I don’t feel that is an issue as I am very active and she looks a little bit older as well. She brings a smile to my face, she makes me laugh and she listens to me every time I need a friend. I have never tried to touch her in anyway sexual way. I do not know how to feel for her. I think she has some feelings for me but the baggage that I carry is too heavy ti burden her, knowing her though, she would probably adapt, it is the type of person that she is.

I think about her every day, every minute actually. I have no guilt. My wife and I have not been happy for a long time. Why have kids? I love children, they are my life. I am a good provider and I worship the ground they walk on. I do not want them to suffer, but I ask myself, are they happier this way?

I do not have the heart to walk out on my wife, it’s not the type of person that I was raised to be. I will not have an affair with this girl because I don’t want her to be the reason for any divorce, I also don’t want to hurt her. She does have feelings for me, I feel it in my heart, I see the way she looks at me, she knows the way I look at her. She is beautiful, she is intelligent and a very strong person.

We talk at night and I sometimes feel like she rushes away from me? Maybe I am wrong about her, maybe I am just a man who is completely gone crazy? But in my heart, I know that I am not. I know she cares about me, I feel her. I love everything about this girl. It goes against everything that I believe in to feel this way. My wife does not love me the way a wife should love her husband, we have spoken many times about separation but it just never happens.

I will not leave her for another woman, because it is not fair to either one of them. If I stay with her, I will be miserable and will never know what would have happened with this amazing girl who has brought a smile into my face from the first time that we met.

Has anyone ever been in this position? Has anyone not made a harsh decision where no one has gotten hurt? Can anyone just tell me what to do please, I can not continue feeling this way, it’s not fair to me, or to anyone around.

I can not sleep, I can not eat, I can not work right, I am just miserable and it is getting worse as the days go by.

Thank you in advance

So many answers in such a short time. I must emphasize that we are past the point of trying. We don’t laugh anymore, we don’t even talk about anything. As far as the kids ar concerned, it is not fair to them to see their parents like this, they are very young, under 10, they will miss nothing financially as I am willing to give everything away. I must also emphasize, I HAVE FELT THIS WAY EVEN BEFORE I MET THE GIRL. WE HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT SEPARATION WAY BEFORE I MET HER. This girl does not deserve baggage like the ones I carry, she deserves happiness, I am so messed up, omg, I don’t want this anymore.

Chas answers:

For the respect, love, and any dignity that you may have left for this woman who gave birth to your three children and suffered blood, sweat, and tears for you and those kids, GET AWAY FROM THAT YOUNGER WOMAN NOW!

You’re not young any more, and don’t think you’re going through some mid-life crisis or anything…this is just the enemy getting into your mind! If you do not have any spirituality in you, I suggest you pick up the Bible and read…it will show you the keys of marriage.

Pray for strength, endurance, and for the avoidance of temptation!

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You Asked About: Boyfriend Cheating Quiz

Mandy asks…

suspicion of boyfriend cheating?

my boyfriend is in nursing school and he there for long hours and the class consists of mainly girls. My boyfriend is not the type to make friends at school, he was not like that when he was in high school or his other college. Lately he has been telling me about this girl at his nursing school and they are always lab partners and they always go to lunch together. He was taking pictures in his phone, of his classmate and lab work and then I look at his phone later that day and found a picture of this dog and ask him who dog was that? he told me that it was that girls dog and that he went over her house when he had a hour and a half break. I found that very odd why would he not tell me about that but can tell me everything else and he never told me that he has a long hour break before. Btw he said he is going over her house this coming weekend to do a take home quiz, still odd. Do you think he has something to hide?

Chas answers:

If you trust him, it shouldn’t bother you. If he’s given you reason to doubt him before, I would maybe ask a few more questions.

Good Luck!

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You Asked About: Damo Suzuki

Laura asks…

How would one go about contacting Damo Suzuki?





srsly tho i want to talk to this man right fucking now

Chas answers:

I would suggest hiring someone to kill him.



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