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You Asked About: Spouse Cheaters

George asks…

Is it a sin to be a Private Investigator who detects spouse cheaters?

What if the job of the PI is to ‘entice’ the married man or woman into being physical with him, so he can then alert the husband or wife…

Chas answers:

Is it a sin to be a Private Investigator who detects spouse cheaters?
* No, not a sin to work as a private investigator. There are ways to investigate and get evidence without sinning.
* However, if to get the information the PI start lying, or enticing as you described then he/she would be using sinful acts to do the job..

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You Asked About: Cheap Plane Tickets

Donald asks…

Where Can I find Cheap Plane Tickets to BARCELONA or MADRID?

Any websites in General that have cheap plane tickets for 4 people. Around April PLEASE. HELP ME FIND SOME WEBSITES THAT HAVE PROVEN CHEAP TICKETS!
I dont care if there will be stops. As long as it will cost less :) Thank you!

Chas answers:,, tripadvisor and

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You Asked About: Online Affair Websites

Paul asks…

I am a married guy looking to have a discreet affair (terrible I know), what are best websites for this?

I have tried Adult Friendfinder (a bit too nasty for me) and Ashley Madison (ok but a bit limited) but I have heard that some normal dating websites or other types of online dating programs have some people looking for that type of thing? anyone with experience in this area have any thing to share? Don’t just tell me not to have an affair, save the moral BS. thanks!

Chas answers:


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You Asked About: Help U Sell

David asks…

Has anybody used Help u Sell to sell your home? What was your experience?

We are trying to decide between using a traditional realtor or using Help U Sell. We live in Boise, ID. We are just wanting to hear some experiences, good and bad of people who have used Help U Sell. How long did it take to sell? Did you get your asking price? What did you have to do to sell your home that was different than if you used a traditional realtor? Do you feel like you had a lot of showings?


Chas answers:

We have done successfully done four (4) separate For Sale By Owner (FSBO) real estate transactions, and naturally have experience as both SELLER and BUYER and we have used before

A lot has to do with important factors as LOCATION in terms of school district and sought after neighborhood, condition & age of your home, TIMING and LUCK <= esp in today's market etc.

It took a little longer than normal and we had to do practically all the legwork, flyers/brochures but it does help that I have a BS Finance degree and conduct & prepare major dollar acquistion contracts plus work with attorneys for a living…

Based on your Boise ID location <= we lived in Tacoma Wash when I was on Active Duty in 9th Infantry Division, Fort Lewis Washington and had an uncle stationed in Bosie ID while in Air Force, a lot has to do with jobs in the Boise ID area and you should also remember that thousands of homes are on sale where if you don't have a lot of extra savings, just paying the real estate commission and getting the responsibilty of someone else paying your mortgage once you do move should be enough incentive to passing property to a full service real estate company in today's dismal market.

For example now the real estate market is so bad that it's almost if the scenario were say you owned a resturant and was not getting enough customers so one by one you were letting employees go or getting back on hours, and by advertising & offering something extra to the general public to eat in your restaurant like free desert, free appetizer (like extra cash or bonus incentive to the real estate agent marketing your property) it definitely might be worthwhile & smart move in terms of less headaches bec he/she put selling your home before other homes and it sold, who cares about differential bec it could be really bad.

What I am saying is in early 1990's I actually was surprised to see someone advertising that they would pay BUYER $$ money to assume their mortgage. This wasn't an automobile rather it was a single family home and the message was if Seller turned home to agent after subtracting commission he would be losing money bec they did not own long enough to have any equity…so therefore paying a qualified buyer to assume their mortgage and pass title & monthly mortgage pymts was much better or less of a loss…hope I did not confuse you?

Hope the Above Info Helps & Best of Luck!

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You Asked About: How Do You Track A Car

Ken asks…

how much does it cost for a slot car track all together or car,plus how much space do you need?

Chas answers:

That depends on the size of the track, a HO track will cost less than £100, a larger one from 4-8 lane wide 1/24/ 1/32 car tracks will cost around £250, that will include all the mdf boards needed, plus the machinery needed to cut the track lines and the paint to paint it, this is based on a 100 footer, a 1/24 ready made with controller is generally £75, a 1/32 is around £40 extra.

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You Asked About: How To Monitor Websites Visited

Joseph asks…

How can I monitor the websites multiple computers on my home network are visiting?

I have a wireless network at home. A small Belkin router. I would like to know if I can run any software that will give me a report of the websites and or IP addresses that are accessed via my router. I have the router locked down and pass-worded, but I want to see what the users in my family are accessing. It will also tell me if my closed network has been spoofed.

Chas answers:

Try some network monitoring programs.

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