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You Asked About: What Are The Signs My Wife Is Having An Affair

Richard asks…

Transferring my 92M wife to my base?

My wife is in AIT at Ft. Lee VA for 92M (Mortuary Affairs…reclassed, not her choice), until Nov. 4th. She has been told that there are only 2 duty stations for this MOS and that is in Hawaii, and staying at Ft. Lee. I am at Ft. Campbell in phase 2 training until April 13th. I am National Guard (wife is Active Duty) and my home is in Nashville so Ft. Campbell is a great location. We were hoping that she would be able to get Campbell as her duty station after her AIT, however it isn’t looking good for that. We signed up for the military army couples program, but it did not count for me as I am NG. However I am in the MACP system underneath my wife (have no idea what that means). So basically I just want to know if it’s possible to get her to Fort Campbell as her duty station. That way we are near our hometown and better jobs for my MOS (medical lab tech). I have heard that it’s possible to get 92m to specific units, but they have to be requested by the unit as there aren’t normally slots for that mos. I would think that they would need mortuary affairs specialists in the morgue at Blanchfield, or working in the casualty locater center at campbell. Any info or advice would be appreciated.

Chas answers:

Your wife got reclassed to 92M? That sucks. What a depressing job. Only an incredibly morbid person or someone who had no other choices would would pick it.

If they say there are only 2 possible spots, that means there is only 2 possible spots.

Its Taking Chance. I want to see that, but I only have streaming on netflix. I’ll have to suffice with The Messenger for now.

I’ve heard it is a really good movie. I’ll see if I can look around and find someone who has it. I will definitely endeavor to find a copy.

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You Asked About: Signs Your Wife Is Having An Affair

James asks…

Should I leave my wife?

Firstly, please only serious answers.

About 15 days ago I found out my wife was having an affair with a man I invited into my home because he was going through some a difficult in his life. Since I have confronted her, I have explained my stance on it full in that her relationship with this man must end. She hasn’t ended things with him and I suspect that they continue the affair when I leave the house to clear my head, there are some signs such as her showering in the middle of the day and him washing his sheets. She cheated on me because of neglect and I recognize that and have said just about everything I can to assure her that that would never happen again. I love her to death but she is giving me no indication of ending her relationship with him. She says she loves him and me. I told her just yesterday that I want a divorce and am wondering from others perspective if I am making a mistake. I am moving out at the end of the month/early June and I know they will become sexually reacquainted. The situation has me a wreck, I hate her for what she’s done. I’ve forgiven her for the initial deed but she continues to be friendly with him, spending time alone with him and leaving the house in long bursts to spend time with him. We’ve been together for coming up on 8 years and this july would make 4 of those years married. I don’t want to lose her but I feel like she has made up her mind, though she says otherwise.

Answers to some of your initial questions:
1.) Why haven’t you kicked him out of the house yet?
-I had told him to leave and when he didn’t I grabbed my phone to call the police. My wife took my phone from me and when I went to get it back I grabbed her arm. So I called and while waiting he said he’d be pressing charges for domestic abuse, on top of that the wife who also her her name on the deed refuses to let him leave. (yeah he’s a douche)

What do you think?
I won’t know, I don’t really have anyone to talk to about this fully and appreciate the anonymity of being online.

Any kids:

Chas answers:

I don’t think that leaving her would be a mistake. The only mistake that you can make in this situation is to stay. It’s going to hurt in the long run. You’re wife is a sorry person for acting the way that she is and she knows that you are willing to allow it almost. Like you said, she needs to make a decision and it looks as though she already has. And although she says she hasn’t, why are you giving her the privilege of even making that choice? She’s not the only person in this relationship so she shouldn’t be the only one making the choices. Say, “It’s over, we’re done. I’m moving out and he can move in. I do not care.” Get your sh*t and leave this mess behind you. I am in utter disbelief that a woman that you have spent 8 years of your life with could treat you this way and just run off with another man.. NOT TO MENTION, a man that you let live with you out of the kindness of your heart. I’m sorry, she doesn’t deserve you. She doesn’t deserve anyone.

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You Asked About: How To Catch A Cheating Spouse Free

Thomas asks…

For $5 million, would you… (adults only)?

***Yes or no to each, and also an explanation of your thought process: (take your time, there’s no race!)

1. Go to prison for 6 months

2. Stay in a mental hospital for 6 months, getting the full treatment (meds, straight jackets, padded room, etc.)

3. Be homeless for a month, allowed nothing but what strangers offer

4. Sleep with 10 randomly selected strangers of the opposite sex within 31 days (they’re guarenteed to be of legal age, but beyond that, you have absolutely no guarentee of just how old they’ll be, if they’re disease free, or if they are remotely attractive).

5. Do hardcore drugs for a month (meth, coke, heroin, etc.)

6. Become anorexic and bulimic for a month (restricted to an anorexic-level diet, but if you cheat, you have to throw it up)

7. Move to a foreign country of your choice and be forbidden from ever communicating with or seeing any of your friends and family again. You’d have to forget everything and start a new life with your 5 mil.

8. Agree to an arranged marriage? The 5 mil would be made untouchable by your spouse. Filing for divorce or getting caught cheating makes you forfeit the money.

9. Agree to not turn in a known serial killer?

10. Agree to not turn in a known serial rapist?

11. Let a plastic surgeon make over your whole body without you having a say in what you want done. He wouldn’t be allowed to make you ugly, he would just make you look like a totally different person and you would never be allowed to change it, or else have to give the money back.

12. Ladies only: agree to surregate 3 babies within 4 years?

Chas answers:

1. No. Wouldn’t go to prison for 5 billion.
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. No
5. No
6. Yes
7. No
8. No
9. No
10. No
11. No

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You Asked About: Tell Tale Signs Of Affairs

Jenny asks…

What are the signs that someone is a transsexual?

My son is dating a woman he met online, and she appears extremely manly. She also contradicts herself constantly when talking about her past, and claims she has absolutely no living relatives. I, and others in the family have noticed that she does have an adam’s apple, large bone structure, and low cheek bones. I know he would not be ok with this if he knew. We did a background check because she has a very creepy vibe, and found out that she has a male alias as well. Are there any other telltale signs to look for? Based on what we have noticed do you think we are right in our line of thinking?


P.S. I am not trying to sound rude or butt into my sons affairs or life, but I know he would not be happy with the situation.
My son is very open with me and I am aware that they have already slept together. So there has obviously been some surgery done, if in fact she was a he before.

Chas answers:

Omg…that’s scary.

I would think obvious things…like adam’s apple; voice; bone structure; lack of curves; male genitalia.

They have some many ways to hide the obvious these days though….including a male genitalia tucking device

backround check was smart!

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You Asked About: Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse

Laura asks…

have you ever followed a cheating spouse?

I haven’t caught my husband yet..but I know he is cheating..he goes on way to many buisness way different in bed and has new underwear that I found in his suitcase that he took on his last trip..I was thinking about having a Priviate eye..follow him to his buisness trip..what do u I nuts.I just want to find out, so I can move foward with my life..I did approach him and of course he said he is not cheating

Chas answers:

If you suspect that your husband is cheating then it sounds like he is. My ex husband had cheated on me with a woman that he was seeing from his A.A. Meetings. He was also wearing a different style of underwear and also wearing cologne to the meetings. Men who go to A.A. Meetings don’t go to meetings wearing cologne. He had also gotten the woman pregnant and we are now divorced.

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You Asked About: My Husband Spanks Me

George asks…

Is it normal that my husband spanks me?

me and my husband have been together for about a year and a half and he just recently started spanking me. I got a ticket for text and driving and he spanked me really hard. I was just wondering if this happens in a normal marriage?

Chas answers:

Dont know about “normal” but yes my husband would spank me if I got a ticket, he has in the past. He also does it to play around though too.

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