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You Asked About: Cheats Online

Mandy asks…

Can you download cheats online straight to your psp?

I want to be able to get online with my psp and download cheats straight to it…any known websites that are good?

Chas answers:

No you need to download it from your pc to your psp… Heres a good site, download the cwcheat and database then… Just follow the instructions here…



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You Asked About: Sign Wife Is Having An Affair

Donald asks…

How do you handle hurt feelings from his family?

My BF(hes 52, Im 57. all of our children are grown. He has been in the divorce process for over 3 years. I met him after 1. I had met his ex several times over the years but never him. His wife has had multiple affairs ( judge has ruled her adultry as the reason for divorce action). As a result he owes her nothing. He is not the type to leave her high and dry and continues to help her with her bills. Im proud of him for that. She has refused to get a job of any kind because she never had to work before. the last court date to sign the final papers was a few weeks ago. She refused to sign the papers because “God told me not to”. In the meantime “I am to blame for their breakup”. The problem I have is the constant phone calls and texts asking for money from all his family and complianing to him about me and what I do or twisting things I might have said and every few days he tells me something that has been said and usually twisted that his family has said. I have repeatedly asked him not totell me hurts me. All I am asking of him is that when they start to talk about me is for him to stop the subject. If he continues to listen then I have asked that he not tell me what was said because it hurts me. Yet this continues. he then gets upset because I cant tell you anything. The stress is causing me some health problems. He refuses to see a family therapist. Help. Its getting to the point I want to leave. He even comes home and”i wouldnt blame you if you left” I have never told him I thought about leaving. I love him and believe when the divorce is final things will improve. Another part is I have a private income and dont work which increases the wifes demands. “let her pay it” Any ideas how to stop.the roller coaster? I love him. Outside of the family stuff life is great and I dont want to leave. Thanks.i

Chas answers:

I’d say you discuss in very specific terms what exactly is he getting at when he says he’wouldn’t blame you if you left.’ Depending on the tone, it could range from him wanting to end in near future to being unsure but in general, its not a good sign.

When you’re surrounded by the situation, you cant see it but to an outsider, when he says “I wouldnt blame you if you left” is a flag. People who really want to make it work will not only not say that but will do exactly what you want them to do (ie stop subject, not tell you about it, see therapist etc) and some will go above and beyond what you want.

I would say you seek clarification but in general really push them to do what you expect/want and if they dont, then as someone said, cut your losses, you deserve better.

Also, this drama shit is some real bullshit and it needs to end asap. If it doesn’t then remove yourself from the situation asap. You must way before it affected your health but absolutely after if affects your health.

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You Asked About: Poems About Forgiving Yourself

Charles asks…


Forgiving others for what they said or did to you not forgiving yourself for your mistakes.

Chas answers:

But google does.

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You Asked About: Suspect Wife Having Affair

Jenny asks…

What would you do if you thought your partner was having an affair?

Was watching this about a man who suspects his wife is having an affair, and it got me thinking…

Chas answers:

I would get solid proof, then I’d divorce him. He already knows that cheating is something I can never forgive, so he’s had fair warning. He has a pretty high moral code, so I think I can assume it won’t happen. Cheaters are immature, selfish cowards.

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You Asked About: Is Thinking About Someone Else Cheating

Joseph asks…

what do you concider cheating on your partner? besides having sex with someone else?

-is a kiss cheating?
-talking naughty with someone else over the net?
-is thinking about someone else cheating?

(i’m not cheating, i’m just wondering!)

Chas answers:

I consider doing anything you wouldn’t want your significant other to find out about to be cheating.

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You Asked About: Spyware To Catch Cheating Wife

Lisa asks…

Has anyone ever used keylog (spyware) to catch a cheating spouse?

I am afraid my wife might be cheating on me. she woul not use her cell phone(I have caught her)
Has anyone ever tried keylog software. I don’t want to install it on her computer if it won’t work.
Will it capture IM’s

Any help would be great.

Please don’t respond telling me you morals about spying. I am only asking if YOU have used it and if it worked, If so, how well
Afra…Did it work?

Chas answers:

Spyagent and Sniperspy are two trusted best-seller keylog apps on the market that can capture both sides of IM and work in totally stealth mode. Follow the link for more info:

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