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How to Catch a Cheating Husband (Episode 296!)

Most women are not into ‘covert’ operations when it comes to spying on their husbands! The idea of staking out their husband’s office or tailing him through crowded streets is more fantasy than reality. Nonetheless, knowing that your husband is cheating and that you are doing nothing about it can be downright maddening!

With today’s technological advances it is not too difficult to catch a cheating husband. Many women have even been able to elicit help from his co-workers, even mutual friends, in order to surreptitiously slip spy software onto one or all of his computers. Not everyone has this choice, so the chances are that you are going to have to pick one computer to spy on in order to catch the guy.

Sniper Spy

Cheats (believe it or not) are usually looking to get caught, think that they are above getting caught, or really aren’t concerned with the potential consequences of their actions i.e getting caught! So catching the guy might be a lot easier than you think!

Target his main computer.

Most men have access to three computers. They usually have a computer at the office or workplace, a laptop, and the family computer.Try to work out which computer he seems to be spending more time on than usual so that you can track the right one.

Of course, getting any kind of software onto his computer at the office undetected is a little difficult. At least, that is, until you learn how to slip tracking software code in with that cute picture of Junior with spaghetti all over his face that you are about to email to him! It’s all a question of degree and what your budget is. A private investigator could probably help you on this one.

With the right technical support, any software company can help you through the process of slipping spyware onto his computer. If you can get it through via a tracking program, you can read all of his computers and keep tabs on his online activities no matter which computer he is on. But maybe that’s a bit too advanced for you. But nothing’s impossible!

Be prepared for all the negative stuff you’re going to hear once the spyware is successfully installed. You might find that you learn how stressed out he is at work, that he talks about your sex life or lack thereof with his friends, or that he is really an a-hole in print. Whatever you learn, never tip your hand before you have actual physical proof of an affair that can not be explained away. Otherwise, he will get wise to your attempts to rifle through his computer files and uninstall your software or shut down your tracking program before you have a chance to gather up enough proof of an actual affair.

While communication and honesty would be the resolution preferred to spying in order to catch him out, honesty only works when everyone is interested in spilling the beans. Since that rarely happens, you will most likely have better luck catching an unfaithful partner with PC software.

Just remember that your interactions will most likely also be saved and kept by the virus or spyware you installed on the family computer. If your behavior hasn’t been perfectly blissful lately and you’ve been flirting with trouble, you might want to consider how to move forward without upsetting the apple cart before you are ready.

Sniper Spy

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