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Husband’s Affair at Work – Discovered! Now What Do I Do?

I knew it! My husband, Gerry, and I have been married for almost 16 years and out of the blue he started up an affair with his colleague. It took me a few months to figure out how to make sure that I caught him, red handed, and with her.

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What is Online Infidelity? Does it really exist?

What is the difference between a little harmless online flirting and actual online infidelity? The information age brought with it a great many moral questions that have been difficult for people to answer, and this one ranks up there with the top five questions.

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Spotting Emotional Infidelity Signs – It ain’t that hard!

Spotting emotional infidelity signs can be just as traumatic as spotting signs of a sexual affair. Emotional infidelity can carry a harsh sting, as the rationale that “it was just sex” flies right out the window.

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Is Your Wife Cheating On You?

Even thinking about the fact that your wife may be cheating on you can be heartbreaking and devastating enough. If you suspect cheating and infidelity in your marriage, there are usually signs, or hints, beyond your “gut feeling” that she may be seeing other men.


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I Cheat But Don’t Know Why?

Here’s what Tim had to say to me recently:

“I’m cheating on my wife but don’t know what to do!”

Tim’s in an especially difficult position because his wife doesn’t know ( but Tim wants to confess to ‘start afresh’ )… unfortunately his girlfriend WANTS him to tell his wife so they (girlfriend and Tim) can be a legit couple! Wow! Complicated!

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Why Valentine’s day is the best day to catch a cheat online or off!

It’s the Valentine’s day Massacre!

The wife had a feeling her husband was up to no good!