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Spyware to Catch a Cheating Spouse – Cheatcatcher Knows!

Cheatcatcher knows exactly how to use spyware to catch a cheating spouse. You can catch your cheating spouse with spyware whether they simply firm up plans to meet via email or they have the entire affair through the screen.

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What is Online Infidelity? Does it really exist?

What is the difference between a little harmless online flirting and actual online infidelity? The information age brought with it a great many moral questions that have been difficult for people to answer, and this one ranks up there with the top five questions.

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What is Cyber Sexual Addiction? Is real life so scary?

Cyber sexual addiction, by definition, is the chronic and compulsive need to engage in cybersex activities. This can occur whether the individual is in a committed relationship or is single. Cybersex is the act of flirting and becoming sexually suggestive online with another party.

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Monitoring Websites Visited by Your Partner. What are they hiding?

Perhaps the ethical question isn’t so much how do you monitor websites visited by your partner without getting caught, but should you check up on those sites visited by your partner?

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Is Online Flirting Cheating? Hey, I never met the guy!

It’s a difficult question to answer. Is online flirting cheating or is it just innocent fun and harmless play? This issue regularly divides couples as there are many different viewpoints that factor into the answer.

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Instant Message Monitoring – How do I do that?

Most people are relatively unaware that it is perfectly possible to engage in instant message monitoring. In some cases you don’t even need any special software since most computers and not so savvy individuals can leave all the necessary information on hand for you