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What is Online Infidelity? Does it really exist?

What is the difference between a little harmless online flirting and actual online infidelity? The information age brought with it a great many moral questions that have been difficult for people to answer, and this one ranks up there with the top five questions.

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Spotting Emotional Infidelity Signs – It ain’t that hard!

Spotting emotional infidelity signs can be just as traumatic as spotting signs of a sexual affair. Emotional infidelity can carry a harsh sting, as the rationale that “it was just sex” flies right out the window.

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Reasons for Marital Infidelity – what did you do wrong?

Sure, there are many reasons for marital infidelity. Some people believe that if you are not taking care of ‘business’ at home that a partner will wander off to get their needs met elsewhere – hmm, seems a bit 2 dimensional.

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Help in Surviving Infidelity – Sucks Don’t It?

Most people who experience being at the duped end of infidelity need a little help in surviving infidelity, although some people seem to take it in their stride. I could cut right to the core of the issue and simply state that if monogamy is a requirement for the continuation of the relationship then you’re better off knowing that your requirements are not being met.

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Need Help in Confronting the Other Woman?

When you discover that your partner has engaged in acts of infidelity it is difficult to figure out who you are the angriest with. While your partner is entitled to the brunt of the blame, there are plenty of “other women” that were well aware of the fact that there was a serious and committed relationship in play before they showed up on the scene.

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Dealing with Emotional Infidelity

Dealing with emotional infidelity is sort of like swimming through a quagmire of new information. The idea of emotional infidelity is rather new although the effects have been felt throughout relationships since the beginning of time. Emotional infidelity is often more intimate than a sexual affair.