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Welcome To ‘NewsTalk Radio’ Listeners!

We’re very happy to welcome listeners to Tom Dunne’s chat show on NewsTalk Radio, Ireland’s premier talk radio station. Clive from the Cheatcatcher office got the call for a quick chat and was happy to oblige!

I hope Clive gave you an insight into the many shenanigans the WWW now allows anyone with a PC to get up to and the ways to catch ’em at it – if you’ve a mind too!

He hopefully also explained to anyone who suspects their other half ( let’s not say ‘better half’ just yet!) might be up to no good, online or on their mobile, just how easy it can be to shine a light into their murky infidelities! When he could get a word in edgeways that is!

Press the ‘Play’ button below to hear the all too short chat…

Cheatcatcher and Tom Dunne of Newstalk Radio have a chat

Just kidding Tom - but we're watching you fella!

Most of the technical solutions featured on the Cheatcatcher site work as well in Europe as anywhere else in the world and usually consist of a simple download to your computer. Physical products ( like car GPS locators can be shipped from the States but you could probably buy something similar in a ‘Spy Shop’ in most major cities).

Remember though: By all means spy on someone for your peace of mind BUT if you do, and find that your fears were completely unjustified, NEVER tell them what you did! Because they will be the ones feeling betrayed.

HEALTH WARNING #2: Only instigate a spying plan of action if you know what you will do should your fears be confirmed.


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I’d really appreciate your comments on the interview ( or anything cheating related) in the comments below – full anonymity guaranteed ( leave a fake name and email address if you wish but be sure to check back for replies).

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  1. That interviewer was really annoying! She kept going on that it’s all about trust in a relationship. BUT the point is that when the signs point out that maybe they are NOT to be trusted what can you do about it? I wish she’d talked less and listened more!

  2. Yeah I agree, it was she was like “I don’t need this cuz I’m in a relationship based on trust!” – Newsflash Dahlin’ – it’s meant to be about your audience NOT YOU!

  3. Aah come on she wasn’t so bad but the interview was like way too short – would have been cool to hear more stories and ideas

  4. U know you are wit a cheat or not so make yur mind up accept it or get out!!!

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