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Cheating online – the strippers

Online strippers – woh! Is your hubby a regular visitor?

Stage #2 of the Cheatcatcher’s trawl through the seamy side of the internet!

Years ago there were chat rooms where titillation ran riot but today with Hi-Speed internet access, Broadband or whatever you want to call it, we can do it all on live video now. Live webcams are the new online brothels where so called cyber sex often takes place…

Sniper Spy

I’m here to tell you that, if you didn’t know already, you or someone you know can visit an online ‘lady of the night’, chat to her via a text area and then pay her to go ‘private’ with you. This means that you and she are ‘alone’ – clothes come off, fantasies are discussed and explored. Hey! You’re in front of a television screen getting excited by someone who can’t see you but want’s to keep you online as long as possible. Hooray for credit cards!

Cheating online witha stripper
Let’s not blame the girl – chances are she’ll be beaten black and blue by her boyfriend if she doesn’t come home with some money.

Not every girl in the sex industry is there by choice!

But the point is if you want to find out if your partner is using these sites you need to monitor what they are doing and where they are going on their computer . Checking credit card statements won’t automatically tell you that – the charges don’t come from Online Strippers Inc. but something totally innocuous: Acme Ltd or somesuch.

online strippers and sex workers
It’s pretty easy to find out if he’s visiting places like the above…

Sniper Spy

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  1. my husband is on the road alot and i know he has been cheating on me since we met, too bad i learned of it 7 months after we got married. he has an account with and i can not figure out the codes. also his bank account showed a 180.00 to moon lit enterprises when he was in roanoke virginia with work. now this statement does not show up in his bank account. i am still gathering info and waiting for the perfect moment to let him know i know!!! please i hope u can help

  2. You need to get some key tracking software to find out his password to But the payment to Moonlit Enterprises could be innocent – the only company I found trading with that name run a block e-mailing company. You pay them $100 and they e-mail a million people with your sales letter.

  3. There’s a new website that’ll sort you out concerning this, try it out:

  4. Using tracking software for the purpose of figuring out his password is illegal. He has every right to belong to such a site. Now you can make up your own mind, but be aware of that.

  5. Good luck getting THAT prosecuted in a court of law :)

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