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Cheating Spouses – is your husband cheating on you online?

Cheating spouses can, of course, be male or female but the normal expectation is that it will be the husband doing the cheating rather than the wife. While that may have been true in the days of ‘stay-at-home’ wives it no longer holds with many women being exposed to the same temptations as their husbands both at work and socially

That said however the fact is that a cheating husband is not as adept as a cheating wife in hiding an affair from their other half! Here’s a few ideas if you reckon you have a cheating spouse….

Is Your Husband Cheating? – 3 Ways To Get Proof

By Vincent Reed

There comes a time in your marriage that all seems to fade away. It is not like before the first time that you meet that everything is all about love. It is so perfect that nothing can ever ruin your relationship. However, that all change when the kids came and money is the problem. As soon as there so many things to fix up, most of the time the husband turns away, and that is the start of infidelity.

Usually men like to turn away from the marriage, especially if they want more fun in life and adventure. And they could not see the excitement anymore in the relationship. At this time, you will notice that he is so busy in work suddenly. He would get angry in an instant, trying to find problems or even creating one. He will spend time on the children but not with you. Sleeping with him in bed is like sleeping with a log.

You are trying to fix the problem but with no use. He would not budge and he would not take an effort for it. These are most of the signs that there is infidelity.

Here are three ways to get proof that your husband might be cheating.

1.) Personal computer check. It could be a PC that he uses or a laptop. Most men like to hide something in their computers. You could check folders and directories that you could see unusual. Check for history when surfing online, they could be checking dating sites, or adult rated websites. Signs that his interest in you is fading off. Intimacy is not working with both of you.

2.)Social networking and online instant messengers and emails. Some men like to create 2 or even 3 social networking accounts so that they could share it with other personal friends and leave the main account for you without updates. Check online logs when having been chatting online.See Emails where are they being send, most of it are saved in the send folders. You could find most of the proofs there.

3.) Cell phone, check the phone book for names who are very new to you. They would tend to use a guy’s name, especially if they have an interest of the lady they would like to send messages with. Check the send items and check the received texts. See if there is something different. Check also calls durations. Monitor how long has he been talking with another person.

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Mobile phones, more and more, are taking over from computers as the means of surfing the internet and messaging and are therefore more than ever the ‘weapon’ of choice for a cheating spouse. But you have access to the technology to catch them at it – husband or wife (our software makes no distinction! A cheat is a cheat!)

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