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Is Cyber Sex Addictive – are you hooked ?

The pornography industry couldn’t believe its good fortune when the internet came on the scene!

Online magazines, downloadable films, online strippers, sex chat rooms the list goes on and on and the ‘industry’ has led the way in web innovation.

Let’s face it, they had the money to employ the best programmers!

Online pornography addiction and regular pornography addiction are virtually the same. It’s just the medium, the availability that differs; online pornography can be accessed from home, an addict doesn’t have to go outside their house.

It can be obtained at any time, anywhere with computer access.

Time breeds monotony and online pornography addicts can can view images – a vastly greater number of images – directly on their monitor on a website than can be found at the local newsagents on the magazine rack.

Is your partner hiding what he’s doing on the computer? Has he moved the PC into a new area and does he/she get upset if you walk in unannounced? If so: something’s going on!

Sniper Spy

Cybersex in a way invented the modern internet as we know it today, it’s a fact that the porn industry has always led the way on the web – no, really, it’s true! Every major break through from images to videos was grabbed and initiated by the porn merchants’ designers and they led the way technologically. All design on the web, all the interactivity – the audios/videos/animations were all initiated by a bunch of porn programmers!

People can communicate and talk with other human beings and fantasize and discuss sexual content and engage in a ‘virtual’ sexual relationship that, at least in their minds, is real. The sex industry loved that, as long as it could be controlled – they didn’t want anyone having an independent, freelance sexy chat out of their ‘chat rooms’. But those very chat rooms first appeared on the web in a sexual content and still do.

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