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What is Cyber Sexual Addiction? Is real life so scary?

Cyber sexual addiction, by definition, is the chronic and compulsive need to engage in cybersex activities. This can occur whether the individual is in a committed relationship or is single. Cybersex is the act of flirting and becoming sexually suggestive online with another party.

There are many people who find this method of sexual contact to be comfortable in its anonymity. You can take on any persona, become the person you’d rather be in real life, and engage in any sexual activity in the safety of your own home.

It is almost all imaginary and thus can be a real turn on for a large percentage of the population.

However it can also be seen as an act of a betrayal by a partner or spouse who is excluded and kept in the dark as to what is going on.

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Not everyone who engages in cyber sexual activity is guilty of having a cyber sexual addiction. One can engage in the activity without being an addict. Addictive behavior has some pretty definite guidelines and can be recognized when an individual starts exhibiting even just a few of these behaviors.

Cyber sex robotAddictive behavior involves lying or aversion to admitting the actual number of hours spent engaged in the activity and usually becomes rather obsessive. The time that is dedicated to the activity can overtake just about all other normal living activities. Missing work or school (teens can experience cybersexual addiction as well) and ignoring other commitments and requirements such as paying bills and cleaning up the house are symptoms of a rather deep addiction.

Cybersexual addiction is not usually something that overpowers a life all at once. Rather, most people develop their addiction over time. Because cybersex is an individual affair, the addiction can go unnoticed by others for a very long time.

Many single people suffering from a cybersexual addiction are not pinned into admitting their problem and getting help until their life becomes out of control. Losing cars, homes, jobs, and ending up completely bottomed out is not unusual for a single individual suffering from a cyber sexual addiction.

This addiction is becoming increasingly common. The convenience and the secrecy of the situation make it fairly easy for someone to become completely enthralled with this way of life. Just as alternative cyber lives such as Second Life can become all consuming and overtake a life, anyone can fall prey to cybersex addiction in the very same way. It opens up a whole new way to explore sexual fantasies and it allows those who never developed a healthy sexual attitude to engage privately in their sexual curiosities and desires.

Fortunately, the issue has become a bit more out in the open and more people are finding help before they have allowed their entire life to run out of control. Instead, cyber based help lines, group and individual therapies in brick and mortar buildings, and even the education of friends and family is making a huge difference in the lives of those suffering from a cyber sexual hang up. Online help is usually the first place a self motivated individual will look for help, although some people need to strictly limit their contact with their computer. Private, confidential therapies are available and are effective at helping people overcome their problem.

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  1. What is the world coming to. As humans, we’re suppose to be addicted to sex… cyber sex is just another form… it’s still all the same…

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