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Get CSI on those panties

This one is for the guys, well mostly!

Is there no end to what’s available these days! NO! Which is cool right?

This is the easiest and effective way to put an end to the nightmare of suspicion and doubt caused by the infidelity of a cheating spouse.  Check their underwear for semen residue!

If you need to know what’s really going on in your relationships and want to know now, try the SemenSpy detection test kit.

Now you can quickly, easily, and accurately detect and identify suspected semen, sperm stains in undergarments in 5 minutes or less.This kit will quickly and easily monitor your spouse’s or partner’s sexual activity by detecting otherwise invisible traces of dried semen that is left in their undergarments after sex… yeeuch!

If any traces of semen are present on the area you decide to test, even in the smallest trace amounts, the SemenSpy Detection Test Kit will detect it. Invisible traces of dried semen can easily be detected for up to 2 years. CSI investigators say 30 years but, let’s face it, we ain’t interested in 2 or 30 years ago – more like last night!


Detects invisible semen stains

  • Quick, easy and affordable
  • Laboratory proven results in a home test
  • Accurate results in 5 minutes or less
  • Discreet and confidential
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Test up to 10 items with each kit

How does it work?

After sexual intercourse the flowback of the male partners semen from the woman’s body results in dried semen stains in the undergarment worn by the woman after the episode. In most cases this flowback will continue in small amounts for as long 72 hours after sex, even after showering. However, the initial stain left in the underwear worn or put on immediately after unprotected sexual intercourse might not be obvious to the naked eye. That’s where to SemenSpy system comes into play.

How fast do I get the results?

The 5 Minute Infidelity Test Kit provides instant results in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

How accurate is SemenSpy?
SemenSpy is considered to be 100% accurate. If you want to see just how well this amazing product works all you have to do is test an item that you know for sure is stained with semen.

How old can the stain be?

The age of the suspected dried semen stain is not even a factor to consider when performing this test. All SemenSpy test kits are tested and guaranteed to accurately detect dried semen stains up to two years old.

However, in most cases you will be testing articles where you think the stain may have been recently deposited, meaning any garment obtained from a relationship setting is perfectly testable. Remember, we’re testing dried stains. Once the stain is dried on the material that’s exactly where it’s going to stay. Simply store the suspected article in a paper bag at normal room temperature until your test kit arrives in the post.

Will this test stain the suspected garment?

The SemenSpy detection test kit is designed specifically for ease of use by the everyday consumer and leaves no trace of the test procedure on the suspected article. PLUS… The  detection products also work on any type or color of material. Test undergarments, furniture, linens, auto upholstery etc. without fear of damage or stain.

Why do they give a second test kit free?

SemenSpy was modeled after the E.P.T. home pregnancy test. Like most home pregnancy kits, it also comes with two kits because of the serious nature of the tests that are being performed.

Think about it this way: If you did a test and got a negative result, the first thing you might think is – “How do I know it even worked?” That’s when you can get the ultimate peace of mind with this amazing product by testing a control sample that you know in fact is semen.

What if the guy she is seeing has had a vasectomy?

Yes, SemenSpy detects semen from men who have had this procedure performed. Semen and sperm are two different things. A vasectomy does stop the delivery of sperm but ejaculation and semen production remains normal.

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  1. Yep this sure is disgusting so remember girls if your lover is ‘condomed’ up from the get go it ain’t going to show nothin’ HA!

  2. So it’s really just a check if she’s having unprotected sex which, if she’s stoopid enough to do, then you’re best shot of her.

  3. It must be obvious then that the only two woman that have left a reply is fooling around on their husbands or partners. I agree that men should have the right to know. Men don’t have the right to know if they have an abortion, must be you think men shouldn’t know there having sex with another man. My wife had 3 affairs on me during are 19 years of marriage, I gather to say you think this is ok for a woman to do it, but if a man dose you would be the one to kill your spouse and or partner and get away with it like most women do. I take it this way, a man has an affair, she finds out so she kill him, and then they tell the courts he beat you so feel sorry for me. Woman like you are sick, you get away with it. Do you believe in Karma? Some day it will get you.

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