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How To Get A Cheap Divorce

Even when a marriage has totally broken down many couples are loathe to start divorce proceedings for a number of reasons:

1) Hope of a reconciliation
2) Thinking of the effect on the children
3) The cost of the divorce

Today we’re focusing on number #3. Do you have to pay thousands of dollars to divorce someone. Is it impossible to just get a cheap divorce and keep those bloody lawyers out of the equation?

The answer is a resounding NO in both cases! When both parties agree that a divorce is inevitable they can fill in forms downloaded online which are printed off, filled in and presented to the Clerk of the Court in whichever State they reside. That’s it! The documents are presented to the presiding judge on the specified day and it goes through. Cheap divorce done and no lawyers counting the money for doing f-all!

Result? Two newly single people both considerably better off after NOT having to pay out fortunes to attorneys.

Of course if the splitting of property, finances etc. is involved this might not always work. Or custody of children either. But as these conflict divorces are the only ones we hear about we assume that a cheap divorce is out of the question. The fact is that even when division of assets is involved it can be done without the intervention of parasitic lawyers looking for their cut. ‘LA Law’ has a lot to answer for – we’ve been brainwashed into thinking paying lawyers is inevitable!

For a couple who are both employed, retain their own assets and have amicably agreed to just split themselves rather than split assets this is the way forward and a total no-brainer. Even when there is some dispute over property and assets it is still possible to arrange for each party to fill in their own forms and then the judge decides (which he/she would do anyway even when both parties are legally represented). The only difference here is that an overpaid lawyer hasn’t filled out the forms for you! shows you how to create your own comprehensive divorce agreement online by completing a series of self-guided forms.

Once you’ve completed the forms, you simply press a button and the site then generates:

1) A complete divorce agreement – including child and property issues if applicable.
2) A spreadsheet outlining your proposed division of assets and liabilities.
3) The financial disclosure document and state-specific forms required for filing.

P.S. For men looking to protect themselves from punitive divorce costs and consequences:

Mens Divorce Tactics

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  1. Is this what you call the uncontested divorce? Do you think there are no future problems that will arise with this lawyerless divorce?

  2. Is there any other process, like a temporary divorce? Break up agreement for a period of time? I never knew you could do a divorce by yourself. You got me thinking about other ways to help my clients stay off a break up, without divorce. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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