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How to Spy on a Cheating Husband – It’s easy!

Most wives know when their husband is having an affair. Most women at the very least get a sense of their husband’s emotional and physical withdrawal, their disinterest in family life, and their sudden need to work extensively.

A cheating husband can be very difficult to live with, but the not being sure can be even more difficult. With every question that a wife develops her mind starts to run in circles. We all want to think the very best of our spouse and when we start to question their intentions we often end up feeling guilty because we don’t have proof.

Sniper Spy

Nobody likes to find out that they were not trusted when they were being honest. But it is possible to gather together evidence of an affair if your suspicions are founded and you find that you are trusting his explanations less and less. After all, how many times can someone fall asleep on the train or be given overtime without it reflecting on the paycheck?

While it is certainly possible to tail a cheating husband, to hire someone to tail him for you, or to create scenarios that push him into telling you the truth (eventually) the real evidence is usually locked away on his computer.

The more you know about what your husband does for a living the easier it will be for you to figure out if he is actually having an affair. A cheating husband isn’t going to conveniently save emails in a folder marked “affair” on his desktop. But he may very well label some correspondence with an unlikely but mundane topic. I once knew someone who kept all of their incriminating emails in a file marked “trash.” Since the trash icon on a desktop looks like a trash can, the victimized spouse was soon able to figure out that this was a bogus file and opened it.

Why men think that saving the incriminating evidence on their computers is a good idea is beyond me, but most do. This gives them a tangible method of fantasizing about the other woman and it keeps the affair fresh in their eyes. If a woman can gain access to his laptop or his main computer it is quite possible that with a little digging she can find the emails and chats that he saved for those intimate moments he spends alone.

If you can barely gain access to his computers, but you can do a quick software installation, you can easily slip some spyware or a keystroke logger onto his computer and you will very soon have your answer. Email correspondence seems like a safer way to elicit an affair because it is impossible to be overheard. With today’s technology it is quite possible for a wife to catch a cheating husband by “overhearing” his electronic communications with the other woman, or potentially the other man.

This software is easy to purchase and can be shipped discretely to your home. Service technicians can often walk you through the process of installing the software correctly. They can also help you install the software without it being detected by his computer’s security. This way, you can be absolutely sure about his activities and catch him in the act of incriminating himself of cheating.

Sniper Spy

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  1. It is so amazing that companies are making hands over fists money by creating software like this.

    I am also amazed that this software can get pass the security on a cheating man’s computer.

    Why am I paying for malware and anti-spy software if it really doesn’t work. lol

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