People Spy

Who is your cheating partner associating with?

Are they where they say they are. Find out for sure!

We got our tracking products from SpyGear4u and we feature them here on the site giving each one it’s own post and review.

But what about checking up on known associates?

Sure you can pay a ‘questionable’ Private Investigator $300 or more per day but there’s a lot of surveillance equipment available for a lot less to track a cheating spouse or partner. Track their car, phone or briefcase. Check if they were where they said. Record them in the act!

Get all ‘James Bond’ on these two-timers and find out where they are and who they are with. Technology! It’s great…..

Web InvestigatorA few years back, the only people who had access to personal information were licensed private investigators, police detectives and the federal government.

Now with the newly passed laws and databases available you TOO can investigate practically anyone online!

Using 100% legal and fully organized database links, you can have access to complete research tools for obtaining the information you want about practically anyone in the United States, Canada and Western Europe! Investigate your partner, potential partner and their associates . Do you feel that this could be a useful Cheat Catcher Tool? We do!

Check out Web Investigator here.

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