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Husband’s Affair – What to do Next? Advice on Next Move Needed

I have suspected my husband’s affair with another woman for some time now. The changes in his behavior are, according to so many, indicative of an affair. If it’s true then I need to know what I am supposed to do next.

If I accuse him without evidence or prematurely then it really becomes a matter of “he said, she said.”

Questions from our Inbox - husbands affairConsidering that I have been faithful for our ten years of marriage and that I want to be assured that I am right before I confront him on the issue I have confided in a few very close friends. The overall opinion (which I agree with) is that I need to catch him in the act, be able to provide hard evidence in black and white, and find the absolute proof. It’s been said that if I decide to divorce him over this it will go easier if I have the absolute and irrefutable proof.

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So I guess I am wondering exactly what I am supposed to do next. I know that there are all kinds of handy devices that can help me decipher his emails or instant messages, but I can’t say that I am all that technically savvy. I wouldn’t want to install something on his computer only for him to find out about it the next day.

Naturally, this is emotionally traumatic for me, so I am looking for some very simple, straightforward advice on what I should do next. My husband’s affair has the power to rip our family apart. The only way for me to empower myself is to hold the evidence in my hand. I can’t possibly hire a private investigator without him noticing the sudden expense. Please help send me in the right direction so that I can be absolutely sure and have the proof of infidelity in my hands before I confront him.


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