January 10, 2008 | | Comments 3

Indian Wife Gets Her Own Back. Sorry Jasmine but you’re faking it!

I listened to this recording today and I have to admit it made me laugh.

BUT! Do you, like me, feel it’s a clever little hoax?


I don’t reckon that the DJ himself is in on the joke (in fact he’s the biggest fall guy if that’s the case)

I have many reasons why I think that, and will happily share them if you let me have yours in the ‘Comments’ section.

OK here’s the Audio:


What do you think?

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  1. Yes, I don’t feel that an educated and cultivated indian couple would go on air to vent their problems.

    Sounds a bit too rehearsed.

  2. It’s obviously fake, but still hilarious.

    Wesleys last blog post..Okay, that’s better.

  3. Even though I posted this ages ago it still makes me laugh – and every time I listen I’m more and more convinced that the real ‘dupe’ is the DJ!

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