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Online cheating – brothels on the web!

Once upon a time , if your husband wanted to have sex with somebody else, he’d be looking to have an affair right?

But with an affair comes responsibilities, financial and emotional – not everybody’s cup of tea! For many men the answer has always been to pay a visit to someone practising the ‘oldest profession’ – a quick bit of hanky panky with no commitments, for the cost of a day trip to Disneyland at the top end of the market, but often a lot less at the lower end. NOW ARRANGED ONLINE…

Sniper Spy

No more ‘kerb-crawling’ in the car or hanging out in sleazy bars – just go online find an escort site, type in your city or the area you’re going to be in next week (“It’s a business trip sweetheart“) and be presented with a list of ladies who will service you in that area. Forget trawling the ‘rd light’ districy in the car just a computer and an internet connection!

Another investigation into the dark side by the Cheatcatcher:

Here’s where we went to find out how easy it is for a cheating partner to find an escort online ( and there are literally hundreds of others just type in ‘local escorts’ or similar into the Google Search box:

cheating online image

Escorts, pros, call-girls whatever you choose to call them promote themselves via sites like these – they pay an advertising fee to the site and your husband pays a small membership fee to e-mail, or phone the lady in question to set up a rendez-vous. He can check out the services on offer, the costs involved and have a look at a photo gallery of the women.

Other times he can just type into a search engine a phrase like ‘escort in Ontario‘ or similar to find dozens of web sites for women and agencies in that area who are keen to accept his ‘business’. But for our little experiment we’re here at a big global escort site and have found someone we like the look of, checked her biog. and photos and we’re now ready to make a booking…

Online cheating image
Bear in mind that many men visit these sites purely for titillation purposes and don’t actually take anything further – so don’t jump to conclusions. It’s harmless for a man to check out what he ‘could’ do (if he had a mind to) as opposed to actually doing something about it.

If you suspect the cheating is going on via his private laptop you’ll need to get a bit funky and download some spy software to his computer (invisible to him) which will let you monitor not only what web sites he visits, what his e-mails say and what his passwords are – but also to monitor ‘chat messages’ and similar while he’s doing it even if you are separated by a city, state, country or continent! it’s so fiendishly clever he’ll never know what hit him when your lawyers confront him with the truth!

Sniper Spy

I almost feel sorry for the poor guy – he’s got no chance!

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  1. I love this website. It helps men like me stay one step ahead of withering old, sagging bitches like you. When will you ladies learn that if you were doing the job in the bedroom like you were supposed to, stop the nagging, and trim some of your disgusting fat, your man wouldn’t have to search elsewhere. Instead of going around snooping into your man’s business, get on your knees and give your man what he needs. STUPID BITCHES!!!!!

  2. “I love this website. It helps men like me stay one step ahead of withering old, sagging bitches like you.”

    You’re a dumbass I hope your wife leaves you alone you asshole.


    How to catch a cheating husbands last blog post..Signs of a cheating husband

  3. I am glad also. Poster above, I hope your husband is already cheating on you, if you have one, that is. You deserve it.

  4. I am 100% sure he cheated, his buddy brought the slut to him. I confronted both and both swore nothing happened between them because she has a boyfriend we both know. As far as sex goes that shit about the wife not doing what she is supposed to, trust me it wasn’t that the whore is only 5 yrs younger than me and I look better. He started talking on the phone and feeling sorry for her ass, the thing he should’ve discussed was why is it that you and your husband divorced and why is he keeping 1 child and you the other. It was a fucking fling and that was it…TRUST ME I GAVE BOTH THE CHANCE TO KEEP EACH OTHER and like little bitches they denied it to my face, so why didn’t he keep her….

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