Privacy Policy

Privacy statement and disclaimer    –    March 2009

The privacy of our sites visitors is paramount and that is why we state, by showing this Privacy Policy, that these are the standards of privacy and confidentiality by which we abide: This web site attests that the owners of this site subscribe to all we state below.


We realise that the privacy of your personal information is a priority and so here we explain what information we might collect when you visit our site and what we will, and more importantly will not, do with said information. Primarily you can be assured that we do not sell any of the information that may or not be collected on your visit with any third party.

Information collected:

We like to know who our visitors are and therefore, like the majority of web sites, we are able to discover, from our web sites log files, such things as:

  • Who your internet provider is ( AOL, Verizon, Orange etc.)
  • The IP address of your computer ( every computer has its own unique IP address a sort of registartion number unique to that PC)
  • Where, roughly, in the world you live – a city/state/country – but not your street address.
  • What Internet browser you use (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.)
  • The details of your visit: how long you stayed, what pages you viewed and, sometimes how you found us e.g which search engine you used.

This Privacy Policy attest that we only use this information to make sure we are offering the best service we can to our visitors. For example if we discovered that one section or page of this site was very popular then it would be in the interest of our visitors, and ourselves, to expand on that section or page and possibly offer more information. Another example might be that if we discovered that many visitors came from one particular country then we could offer those visitors country specific information for example.

Cookies and web beacons:

A cookie is a little bit of textual code that sits on your computer. It is transfered there by a web site so that when you return to the site in the future you ( via the cookie) are recognised, by that site, as a returning visitor.

This can mean things such as you’re not having to login again or remember the details you had entered before. For advertisng purposes it can mean you not being over-exposed to, say, pop-over advertising because the cookie now knows you have already seen the ad and so, therefore, will not show it repeatedly every time you return. A cookie can not, in itself, identify you in any way. Cookies are also used by 3rd party advertisers on our site (see below)

A web beacon is usually a tiny invisible transparent image placed on a web page to help site owners monitor a visitors actions and these often work in tandem with cookies. For example if a company owns a number of sites and wants to track your navigation of those sites a web beacon can help them personalize your browsing experience

You can disable web sites being able to drop cookies onto your computer by adjusting your browser settings, by doing so you will effectively disable web beacons too. However you might find that your web-browsing experience is diminished by doing so. More information on web beacons and disabling cookies is available at:

3rd Party Advertising:

Many web site and blog owners use third party advertisers to monetize their sites. This might consist of a link or links to companies and products with which they are affiliated or a PPC (pay per click) advertising agreement with companeis such as Google Adsense, the Yahoo Publishers Network or the many others that web site and blog owners can partner with. 

When clicking on any of these ads, or via a cookie, your information as mentioned above in the Information Collected section might also apply as these advertisers too would have knowledge of where you were in the world, your IP address and so on. From their point of view this has more to do with targeting their ads and offers rather than tracking you as an individual.

This Privacy Policy only covers this Site. We are not responsible for the data policies or procedures or content of any linked websites. If you access other websites using the links provided, the operators of these websites may collect information from you which will be used by them in accordance with their privacy policy, which may differ from ours. We recommend that you check the privacy and security policies for each website that you visit.

Please note that this Privacy Policy may change. We will post any Policy changes on this page. Each version of this Policy will be identified at the top of the page by its effective date and usage of the site following any such date will be deemed acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy.

If you have any queries re this privacy policy please contact the publishers of this site.