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Signs of Infidelity

It’s a nasty business adultery or infidelity ! You suspect your partner, husband or wife of cheating on you. Are they having an affair or not? Are they really being unfaithful or are you just paranoid? Stop feeling bad and get to the truth!

Find out, via the mass of web products and information now available, whether your suspicions have substance and, if they do, you will have the proof to combat their pathetic angry denials. Get to the truth before you confront them!

So you suspect, or know, you’re being cheated on right? You don’t always have to spend cash to be sure.

Why do you think that they might be fooling around? Is it because of some of the points we raise below – and if so, what are you going to do about it?
Here’s a list of infidelity signs and signals – anything ring a bell here?

* Is your partner being more/less attentive of late?
* Is he/she bringing home nice unexpected gifts for you?
* Do you have a bad feeling deep inside?
* Do they pick a fight with you for no apparent reason?
* Do they talk about your relationship ending?
* Are they moody and “Don’t want to talk”
* Are you not talking to each other?
* Has their taste in music changed recently?
* Has their self-esteem recently changed – up or down?
* Have they become more critical of other people?
* Have they become more critical of you?
* Are they quick to be offended by innocent remarks you make?
* Have they stopped being interested in home decor etc.
* Are they closing doors when they go into another room?
* Have they stopped mentioning that you look good?
* When did they last say “I love you”.?
* Do they appear guilty when you do something nice?
* Do they accuse you of bad behaviour?
* Do they seem to prefer the company of friends?
* Is talk of the future a no-go area?
* Has day to day affection stopped?
* Is the TV or a book more important than conversation?
* Do they often talk about problems that acquaintances have?
* Have they recently found different comedians amusing?
* When you ask if everything is OK do they get defensive?
* Do they appear distracted when you have sex together?
* Are they confused on waking? Do they know where they are?
* Are they easily offended when asked a simple question?
* Have your friends started asking you if there’s a problem?

It’s easy for the rest of us to stand back and mock – but the fact is that if you answered ‘Yes’ to more than a handful of the questions above then you might just have a problem in your current relationship.

This site is here to help you if you think that you have a potential or active problem.

If you want to get to the truth, as you suspect it to be, then Cheat Catcher is where you should be ! OK, enough with the lecture – hold on to your hat and subscribe to this site, over there on the (top) right, and get the free Cheatcatcher Report!

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  1. Yeah I get the picture that this site is aimed at women but guys get fucked about too y’know

  2. Can anyone be sympathetic to the fact that I sort of don’t want the truth? Maybe it’s better to just pretend you are completely unaware and everyone’s happy…..

  3. I am so miserable, i found some porn sites on his computer and confronted him on it. his reaction was violent, he insulted me saying i don’t trust him, that those site just were there because he downloaed a song and they came with it and that it happens all the time. i was calm when i asked, i was just asking explanations, he was a fury. why??? i am devastated, he makes me look like the wrong person now.

  4. I don’t feel his visiting porn sites is so bad (as long as they aren’t pervert stuff, paedophilia etc.) it’s sort of like finding he’s left a copy of Hustler in the john.

    Women and men look at porn differently, to men it’s no big deal to women it’s a form of betrayal. Just ‘cos he gets titillated by pictures of naked women doesn’t mean he’s being unfaithful. If anything access to soft porn can prevent a man straying as he has an outlet for his sexual urges.

    I suspect he reacted so strongly to your questioning as he was deeply embarassed.

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