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What is Cyber Sexual Addiction? Is real life so scary?

Cyber sexual addiction, by definition, is the chronic and compulsive need to engage in cybersex activities. This can occur whether the individual is in a committed relationship or is single. Cybersex is the act of flirting and becoming sexually suggestive online with another party.

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11 Signs Of A Cheating Husband

┬áNothing can be more heart breaking then believing that your husband is cheating on you. When you first begin to suspect that your husband may be being unfaithful — start to pay attention, and try to include yourself into his plans. If your husband is cheating on you, chances are he is not going to want to bring you along when he leaves the house!

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Coping with Online Infidelity

Coping with online infidelity is a relatively new concept. In the time before the internet an affair took up a great deal of time and energy and had to be meticulously planned out in order to be successful.

These days anyone can jump onto the internet and find someone who will at least perform sexual activities if not get more involved. I have even been propositioned in chat rooms designed for parenting advice!

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Getting it on in Cyber Space. Is it cheating when she’s not in the room?

Some would say that cheating online isn’t really cheating – if you never meet the other person in the ‘real’ world it’s just a fantasy right? Not in the Cheat Catcher’s experience – look what happened when we ventured into a ‘virtual’ world of pole dancers (coming up later in this post)

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Cheating online – the strippers

Online strippers – woh! Is your hubby a regular visitor?

Stage #2 of the Cheatcatcher’s trawl through the seamy side of the internet!

Years ago there were chat rooms where titillation ran riot but today with Hi-Speed internet access, Broadband or whatever you want to call it, we can do it all on live video now. Live webcams are the new online brothels where so called cyber sex often takes place…