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The Honey Trap – is he ready to cheat? Will you pay to find out?

It’s big business these days as many women are prepared to pay another woman to seduce their boyfriends or husbands!

Well, let’s be clear here, not to go all the way of course just to see if the man is open to temptation and, most importantly, if he’s willing to succumb!

Many Brides To Be are using Honey Trap Agencies to test whether their future life partners are ready and willing to have sex with other women.

Gloria F. is one such woman, “I paid an agency $600 to test my fiance, unfortunately he failed the test and I broke up with him. I was heartbroken but better that than to have married a guy who was prepared to have sex with another woman just weeks away from our wedding day – it’s not as if he wasn’t getting it at home”.

Honey Trap Agency owner Fay Jackson explains, “Out of all the honey trap ‘stings’ I’ve set up around 75% of the men make it clear they want sex. Of course my operatives won’t even give them a peck on the cheek, let alone sex! All they do is get taped confirmation that the guy is prepared to cheat. Yes they flirt and come on as women that want a fling. Of course they are beautiful too but all the guys have to do is say no”

2355637095_e2febab7f3But isn’t this just unfair on guys who would never get the opportunity to cheat?

Says Fay: “If the guy is open to offers, is prepared to cheat then he shouldn’t be getting married full stop! I really enjoy it when a guy compliments me and then explains that he’s spoken for, I happily report back to his partner that he’s a good guy. There’s nothing wrong with him flirting with me as long as he stops before it goes too far”

Unhappily it’s a fact that Fay giving her client good news is rare, “Given the option of commitment free, risk free sex most men go for it,” says Fay “if they’re truly in love with their partners they don’t”

Now, it’s apparent that Fay’s clients already suspect their partners are capable of cheating so the 3 in 4 ratio that she suggests may be a risky statistic to use. Nonetheless its apparent that the majority of men, given the opportunity and inclination, would cheat.

The service is not confined to engaged couples. Fay’s clients include gay men and women in long term relationships and married couples wanting to know if their partner is prepared to cheat. “I have to admit that I feel bad about that sometimes”,said Fay,“When a 50 year old guy, married for 30 years, is approached by a babe in the bar of his sales convention hotel who makes it clear she finds him attractive what’s he going to do?”

None of this would hold up in a court of law, it’s entrapment after all, but that’s the name of the game and lives are being changed, for better or worse, by Fay and her team of operatives.

What are your views on Honey Traps? Let us know by commenting on this post.

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  1. This is a horrible thing. Women who don’t trust their men shouldn’t be getting married with them in the first place. Dumb ideas for dumb people. Don’t you women realize the reason your man probably cheats is that you don’t have the balls to talk with him first? Maybe if he saw you giving a shit instead of complaining about “is he cheating?” then he would think “hmm, maybe I don’t need other women. My wife loves me enough” and not thinking about how she always nags at me. Thats why men cheat. They see that women dont trust them, so why do men need to get nagged about it in the first place?

  2. When a beautiful woman approaches me (average looking guy) in a bar I’m sorry to say that my immediate thought is that she’s a hooker.

    I’m not married but still question why she’s there – if I was married I’d be even more paranoid after reading this!!!

  3. This is an awesome idea. Even if you trust your significant other…you still never know. I think this is a great way to put troubled minds at ease.

  4. Hi, I am interested in becoming a honey trapper – please could somebody contact me to advise me further?

    Many thanks,
    Miss C. Judges

    Contact Number: [Number deleted by admin ‘cos that’s simply asking for crank calls!]

  5. I think this is rather unfair being that it is only limited to cheating men. There are just as many women out there who are just as willing to cheat. If you are going to throw statistics like that around then you can at least make it operable for women as well.
    Until then you are just throwing out mindless conjecture.

  6. For every man that cheats there has got to be a woman taking part as well I assume so why is the guy getting the wrap here???

    Its an old saying but it takes 2 to tango…

    I do like the idea tho and it could either confirm or ease any doubts you may have in your partner.

  7. These outfits are not limited to men. Agencies have men who go to test women, too. What I have read about them is they don’t even hit on the target, they just put themselves where they can approach them. Also, all levels of attractiveness ae used. Let’s face it. People lie, a LOT. I go out on my own or with girlfriends even though I have a boyfriend. I let guys talk to me and I have on occasion accepted business cards. I have never cheated on my boyfriend and have no intention of it. I think that is where the taping is so important. I think my guy would see me talking to the guy being friendly as I always am, but not flirting back much and certainly not trying to get the guy to take me home with him. However, trust is a tricky thing. As the story says these people already suspect something. I think saying the ‘paranoid’ person needs to talk to their partner is silly. The partner has only one thing to say. They would always deny being willing to cheat unless they are interested in getting out of the relationsjip right then. If your woman acts like she doesn’t care then maybe you are not so special to her. Don’t expect her to spend $600 to find out if you are willing to cheat. She needs to be on the verge of dumping you anyway and just wants that final straw.

  8. Hey…

    Im interested in becoming a honeytrap. Id be extremely grateful if somebody could contact me in order to advise how id go about doing so.


    Steph Lee

    Contact Number: [Number deleted by admin ‘cos that’s simply asking for crank calls!]

  9. hello

    i am interested on becoming a honey trapper
    please let me know if this is possible



    Contact Number: [Number deleted by admin ‘cos that’s simply asking for crank calls!]

  10. I would like to find a Honey Trap Agency to test my husband of 29 years. Preferable in Jonesboro ar. Any takers.

  11. I too am interested in becoming a honeytrapper, ex pole dancer and stripper so hopefully I can work wonders in seducing!

    Contact Number: [Number deleted by admin ‘cos that’s simply asking for crank calls!]

  12. We also find many clients who are entering into a relationship now want to test how serious their new partner is about them. A honey trap can either confirm what is suspected or else it can help to allay any fear or infidelity in a relationship.

  13. i think this is a bad idea because most men or females who see an oppertunity for sex would take it because of there hormones just blinding them from reason, and what if the person is drunk? or with alot of friends telling them to go ahead with it because it might be your last chance for e.g on a stag or hen night where most people do this kin of stuff. its something you need to be careful about because most of the time it could be wrong or worse….it could make THEM not trust you instead and just end it with you. because a relationship without trust is like a marrage without a priest or bishop, it just doesnt work.
    so really honey trappers arnt recommended but just for a precaution if youve actually SEEN them forever talking to women/men and i mean like whenever you see them they are, not just the odd few occasions and just need to know if its true or not. and always make sure your positive about them cheating but you havnt got evidence.

  14. hi my name is katie i would like to become a honey trap girl if somebody could contact me via email ide be much grateful

  15. I found ou my partner was visiting dating websites – the king where you arrange to meet up for no-strings sex.
    So i made a new email address, got some photos of another woman and joned the site as someone else.
    I then made contact with my partner through the site, and we swapped emails and mobile numbers(got a new sim card for this purpose). Well he fell for the ruse hook, line & sinker!
    Now I have all the proof I need that he is willing to sleep with someone else as I have emails and texts galore saying what he plans to do when he meets this hypothetical woman!
    Just shows you how much you can learn using a bit of initiative.

  16. Yodan – whilst I do not agree with the idea of honey-trapping, your comment is disgusting. What it basically says to people is that it’s OK for someone to cheat under the circumstances that you named. “Oh my wife nags me”, “my wife doesn’t trust me”, “I don’t think my wife loves me anymore” – there is NO EXCUSE for anybody to cheat.

    If a man feels that his wife doesn’t love him and wishes to go elsewhere, he should have the decency and respect for her as a HUMAN BEING to leave her.

    Cheating is emotional ABUSE, hence why it is illegal in some countries, and should be world-wide! It’s absolutely sickening how cheating has now become so socially acceptable.

    Either way, if a person is so trustworthy, surely they will not mind being investigated? If you’ve got nothing to hide, why become so angry about such a situation?

  17. My name is Donna, I am very interested in becoming a honey trapper but I am having troubles getting started and which direction I need to take. Please contact me via email thanks

  18. I’m surprised the percentage isnt higher than 75% to be honest.

  19. I am interested in becoming a honeytrapper. I am single and live in Essex. Thank you

  20. Hi my names Kat i would like 2 become a honeytrapper as i love flirting wiv guys and think id be good at it. Its a good way 2 catch the guys out as well! Please can somebody contact me ASAP!

    Kat from London

    Contact Number: [Number deleted by admin ‘cos that’s simply asking for crank calls!]

  21. Hello all
    We are producing a 10 part tv series on honey traps and are looking to recruit 4 honey trap girls. we would prefer if you have experience but we appreciate this is unlikly so not necessary, we are looking for all manor of girls to apeal to all manor of tastes. an extremy outgoing personality and amount of confidence is obviously a must have
    email jr291 productions at with your details and experience plus your availability

    look forward to hearing from you

  22. i would love to be a honey trapper, im very outgoing and love meeting n flirting with people, and think that i would be really good at it. if anyone could help me with this please msg me, thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. i would love to be a honey trapper, im very outgoing and love meeting n flirting with people, and think that i would be really good at it. if anyone could help me with this please msg me, thanks x

  24. i am rather intrested in this line of work im a good looking male and have been cheated on many of times hense my enthusiasm in honey trapping this would be straight down my street i was wondering if someone could get back to me about agencys that are intrested or recruting honey trappers many thanks

  25. I am intrested in becoming a honey trap but dont know where to start! if you could e-mail me with some info that would be great. Many thanks.

  26. this is to follow yodans comment.from experience yodan,my man cheated on me with someone who barely turned 18.i thought we were very happy we had fun, i wasnt paranoid,intill my sister saw him with this girl and it took him over six months to finally tell me “the truth”.he says he didnt go all the way but deep down i know he he did!!thats not why men cheat they do because they think with there d%ck not the heart and we only become paranoid because you men give us a reason not saying that women dont do it because they do if you want to sleep around do it single, end the relationship first.if your not happy with the women then at least leave with some dignity. im just saying that your reason for men cheating is a load of shit!!!!
    so if your man cheats and you love him, think he has changed then whats the harm in testing his honesty and devotion to you.

  27. hi there,having been cheated on by my bf and catching him i would like to help all the other folk out there…male and female to catch their cheating partners out as it is heartbreaking when this happens.could u email me information of what would be involved in setting up a buisness to help people.thanx…jan

  28. Hi, I am interested in becoming a honey trapper – please could somebody contact me to advise me further?

    I’m a female who’s 24 and I live in the Bay area – California

  29. I would love to help all the females out there catch thier boyfriends/husbands cheating or not. Please contact me for further information or pics.

    24 year old lives in the Bay Area – California

  30. what a load of bullsh*t!
    if you dont trust your man then you shouldent be with him. personaly i think its a little creepy that some people will go to such lenghts to be posesive!
    ive been with my boyfriend for 3years and i would never think he would do such a thing as cheat and evan if he did them more the fool him.
    his loss not mine.
    if ther gunna cheat they will do it anyway
    spying is not gunna stop them its just gunna make u feel small and more upset reading what they have been saying to the other woman.
    be satisfied that you have found out about him and get rid of him then move on
    whats th point hurting ur self with the gory details?

  31. hiya im jenni 24 a semi pro model, and law student…i want to b a honey trapper.

    how do i join your team?

  32. I am looking to become a honey trapper. Could someone send me information on how to apply. Thanks

  33. My boyfriend started behaving weirdly, I couldn’t put my finger on it but I knew something was not right. Eventually I ended things as I started to doubt everything he told me which I hated. The day after we broke up, while he was still pleading me to take him back, I worked out he had a secret facebook account. I created a fakebook and added him. He took the bait, I pretended I had met him once and he was all over it. I also got a spare sim card as he asked for the fake girl’s number. Through his fake facebook I found out he had another girlfriend and had been living a double life, she knew nothing about me either. I told her. She was grateful. He is now obsessed with the fake girl even though she has dumped him too! You don’t need to pay to check someone out, you can do it yourself for free! I would never have dreamed of doing this to any other guy. But in this case I thought I was going mental being so suspicious and him contantly telling me I was paranoid. Even though I had already dumped him I wanted to know the truth for my own peace of mind and I’m glad I did.

  34. i need a honey trapper to see if i should marry him… anyone interested please call me [number removed by moderator] jessica thanku. ***************** :)

  35. i noticed that my number might get erased so heres my email is please contact me if u r intrested to be a honey trapper ***************:) just email ur name and where i can contact u thanks..

  36. I am getting married very soon and i’m looking for someone to be a trapper in the Indy area. If interested please email me and send me contact info.


  37. I’ll pay..
    I’ll fly them to me..whatever it takes
    at least I’ll know!!
    I will use the service, been looking for them

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