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When Cheating Doesn’t Matter !

So you know or suspect that he’s having an affair. Is it the end of your pathetic little world? Is he thinking of leaving you for her or is it just a ‘lust’ thing – in other words he’s screwing around but you’re his only ‘love’- the one he’ll always come back to? Good for you, your marriage just got stronger!

Maybe you should worry less about his infidelity – some relationships actually improve when the more highly sexed partner gets some action elsewhere.

Is this too shocking for you to take on board?

Don’t let it be – weird as it may sound some people take comfort when it’s confirmed that their partner has been or is cheating on them.
They actually approve of their philandering. Why? Because their fears and suspicions have been validated – they are no longer being told that they are paranoid or stupid, jealous or just plain loopy! Many learn to live with it, if you’re secure in the long term stability of your relationships do dalliances really matter, might they not even make your relationship stronger?

Many couples have an unspoken agreement “Play safe and never tell” !

This is not disimliar to husband and wife actors ( “On location doesn’t count”) or couples taking separate holidays ( “Las Vegas doesn’t count”)

I remember Princess Diana, being interviewed by Martin Bashir, talking of her husband’s continuing fascination with Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles she, Diana, famously said that the relationship was ‘a bit crowded’. But British aristocracy has always done this.

Male heirs to the British throne have always ‘played around’ from Nell Gwynn to Camilla it’s an historical fact. Charles ‘had’ various actressy type girl friends, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward too – it’s considered a perk of the ‘job’. The establishment has always known, and tacity accepted and approved, that “Bonking the Peasants” doesn’t count either!

Maybe with that kind of laissez-faire attitude it’s not surprising that even after marriage affiars continue often with the tacit approval of partners

Sometimes affairs just happen! They’re an outlet. It’s a bit of a misnomer to think – he’s cheated therefore the marriage is over. Why? As long as he’s practising safe sex and isn’t intending to run off with her why are you hurt? OK it’s a pride thing I know but come on, ignore it. If it’s good enough for those aristocratic toe-rags shouldn’t it be good enough for us, the hoi-polloi? ”

Tell us what YOU think – was Diana an unpleasant manipulative person or your personal Queen of Hearts? Is cheating OK if done well? Controversial stuff!

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  1. I think it’s really unfortunate of you to feature a Diana video on your site.

  2. get a grip Daph – Diana was manipulating the press and public as usual and, while doing so, was screwing everything that moved in her direction!

  3. Yes Di was cleverer than she seemed – I remember her stripping off in a nightclub loo and coming out just wearing the fur coat and heels – she promptly then went around to her new boyfriends house ( and didn’t come back for a couple of hours!)

  4. I was the only one in the country not crying that day, I found the whole ‘recreational grieving’ thing too much to take.

    She’d be sitting next to Simon Cowell on Pop Idol if she was still alive today. Created by the media, believed it, and so was killed by the media

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