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You Asked About: Bartholin Cyst

Laura asks…

Bartholin Cyst?

I noticed I have signs of another bartholin cyst. I have already had two this year, both very painful and had to be lanced. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I know a lot of woman get these awful things. Does anyone have any advice on getting rid of it without lancing it. I believe its not big enough yet to be lanced. I’ve heard mixed things about using epson salt in a tub… Please advise

Chas answers:

You don’t have to put anything in the tub but hot water. Epsom salts work best as a sort of paste poltice applied to the spot, but a moist hot cloth works just as well. If you start putting moist heat on it now, you might convince it to drain by itself and forestall another incision and drainage procedure. Although many times those are done just to give you some pain relief, as it can get quite painful before they do finally drain. You have gotten into a cycle of infection though, and you need to find out why if you can. If you tend to wear thongs, or pantyliners with deoderant, that could be why. Thongs rub the tender tissues there and can cause one. The deoderant in pantyliners and pads can also irritate. Anyway, soak your tush in as hot a water as you can stand, or apply heat packs to the spot. That helps more than the epsom salts, at least in this particular area.

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