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You Asked About: Boyfriend Cheating Quiz

Mandy asks…

suspicion of boyfriend cheating?

my boyfriend is in nursing school and he there for long hours and the class consists of mainly girls. My boyfriend is not the type to make friends at school, he was not like that when he was in high school or his other college. Lately he has been telling me about this girl at his nursing school and they are always lab partners and they always go to lunch together. He was taking pictures in his phone, of his classmate and lab work and then I look at his phone later that day and found a picture of this dog and ask him who dog was that? he told me that it was that girls dog and that he went over her house when he had a hour and a half break. I found that very odd why would he not tell me about that but can tell me everything else and he never told me that he has a long hour break before. Btw he said he is going over her house this coming weekend to do a take home quiz, still odd. Do you think he has something to hide?

Chas answers:

If you trust him, it shouldn’t bother you. If he’s given you reason to doubt him before, I would maybe ask a few more questions.

Good Luck!

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