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You Asked About: Catch A Cheating Spouse On Facebook

Mark asks…

What would you don if you caught your spouse doing this?

Just found out that my husband has been visiting massage parlours weekly and has a friendship/relationship with someone who works there. Also found out he has a secret facebook account. Saw it last night cause he forgot to log out on his iPhone. He quickly snatched it from my hand & logged out. Now he’s refusing to log back in for me.
I learned that he was cheating because I set up a voice recorder in our home & caught him talking to his friend. What would u do?!

Chas answers:

What I would do is find a nice townhouse that I can afford to pay for alone with a large enough lot to have a small garden, in a neighborhood with good schools that is closer to my familial support system. I would take inventory of the house I live in currently and decide which items I want (like my good cookware and great grandfather’s chest) then I would buy that house, transfer any utilities that are in my name to the new place and move in. I would leave my cheating, lying, creep-ass husband in the old home so he can live with the memories of what we shared there while I move on and get a new start.

If my husband would offer up all information about his doings for the recent past and from then on and be willing to attend counseling I would rent out the townhouse and endeavor to save the marriage.

If he is not willing to do all that I ask (and yep I mean all, no compromises) then I would file for divorce asking for the townhouse, primary custody of my children and half of the assets less the townhouse. I would be friendly towards my ex for the sake of the children and work to maintain a decent relationship with him.

What you should do? Decide where you draw the line in terms of disrespect and infidelity. Decide what you will do once that line has been crossed. Once he crosses that line, do what you have decided.

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