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You Asked About: Catch Cheater Online

Steven asks…

When will Penn Foster catch cheaters??

My friend and I have been doing home schooling for months. My mom pushes me hard, limits my computer time, AND makes me study like half my day. My friend on the other hand gets to sit online all day and get answers.. and her mom does NOTHING. I mean..I agree that it’s the parents responsibility to watch their kids, but it’s not fair? Sure, I’m writing this out of anger but UGHHH! It’s just not fair..

When will they stop it…

Chas answers:

Penn Foster may have the mind-set that the student is cheating themselves and their parents. The school is doing what your parents paid them to do – supplying material and grading your papers. Parenting is not their responsibility.

Keep on doing what you are supposed to do. You will be the winner in the long run and will thank your mom .

Life not being fair is life. You will someday get a job where you are earning your money and will see those around you who goof off and ‘cheat’ by taking short cuts. Management puts up with it to a certain point but eventually take care of the problems and appreciate the hard workers. (Not in every case, but in most cases.)

You keep doing what you are supposed to do and it will pay off for you in the future.

An education is more valuable than a diploma.

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