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You Asked About: Catch Spouse Cheating Online

George asks…

How did you catch your spouse cheating?

I feel sure my husband is cheating, have you caught your spouse cheating ? and how did you accomplish this—-I just need proof. How can I catch him online? We have different computers.

Chas answers:

I worked for AT&T and something told me to look into his mother’s long distance bill. He was in the military and we had lived in different states at the time. He secretly had a calling card connected to his mom’s account and had hundreds of calls to other girls in the state he was stationed in. I called a the numbers and found out he had been seeing a few of them and they all thought he was single, no kids. I then cracked into his Yahoo email account. He had emails from a dating service and emails from other females he had been chatting with from there also. At the time it was devastation. Now, I look at it as a blessing.

Good luck!!

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