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You Asked About: Catch Your Partner Cheating

Jenny asks…

If you caught your partner in the act of cheating what do you think your reaction would be?

There’s no greater evidence of a cheating partner than to catch them in the act.

Hypothetical Scenario: You get off work early and go home only to find your partner having sex with someone on your bed.

We are only human and even people who are not usually violent could lose their cool in that situation. What would be your reaction if you caught your partner cheating?

Chas answers:

Well, I’d want to end the relationship immediately. In order to avoid any situation where she might beg for my forgiveness, I would have to do something extreme to make sure that it was really over. So with this in mind, if I walked in on her cheating, I would unzip my pants and begin jerking off slowly and deliberately.

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