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You Asked About: Catching A Cheating Boyfriend

Sharon asks…

Do you know the name of this movie about a girl catching her boyfriend cheating and what she does?

I don’t remember much about this movie but it was about this one girl who was african american and she had a boyfriend and she catches him cheating on her. It starts out with her boyfriend coming to her work and they are in her office and later on she goes to a party and she sees him with another woman but she handles it nicely. For the rest of the movie she goes through the steps on how to handle the cheating boyfriend and what she does. It has something to do with “Day 1” and “Day 2” and it goes through the days like that and what she does and what happens on how he reacts.

Chas answers:

Is it breakin all the rules with Jamie foxx and gabrielle union? THis is the imdb synopsis…
“Jamie Foxx stars as Quincy in this semi-romantic comedy about a man who is dumped by his girlfriend, Helen (Bianca Lawson). Quincy was about to ask Helen for her hand in marriage at a party with all his friends; when unexpectedly, Helen just leaves him. Quincy is confused by the breakup, and he writes Helen a long letter about how she was supposed to breakup. Quincy’s cousin Evan (Morris Chestnut) sees the letter, which is the size of a book, and gets the idea of publishing it. The book becomes a best seller. Evan wants to breakup with his girlfriend Nicky (Gabrielle Union), and gets Quincy’s advice. This is the point where Quincy begins to break all the rules with Nicky. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy)”

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