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You Asked About: Cheap Divorce In Texas

Sharon asks…

Cheap Divorce in Texas?

I was married to a guy for 4 mo. I kicked his butt out when I discovered he was doing drugs. I need to get divorced but I can’t afford it. I am living with my mom and she won’t help me pay for a divorce is ther anywhere I can call or deal with to get my divorce covered. For Cheap. I am student and am raising my son by myself. PLEASE HELP!!!

Chas answers:

Go to your local family court house and tell them you want to do a Pro Se Divorce (do it yourself). No lawyers and all that other bull. I paid $225 to file the papers for my divorce and $90 to have the sheriff serve the bastard the papers. I was granted a divorce 90 days after I filed. He didnt respond to the divorce papers and he didnt show at court and didnt have to.

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