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You Asked About: Cheaters Full Episodes

Steven asks…

Does anyone know a site that has Cheaters TV episodes? (Show isn’t fake)?

I am trying to find out if anyone knows where to find Cheaters TV full episodes. I don’t want to buy the DVD. A person I know was in episode 215 (in Season 2), and for all the people asking whether or not the show is fake, I know for a fact at least that episode was not fake. That’s why I am looking it up so I can laugh at the person’s embarrassment for cheating. I have no clue whether the new episodes are real or not, but unless the show has changed, I know for a fact the person I know was cheating. So if you trolls don’t know for sure that it’s fake, don’t say that it is.

Chas answers:

If you don’t get any other answers here, you could try the message board in this link:

Here’s a link to details of the episode you mention:

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