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You Asked About: Cheating On Line

Jenny asks…

is this past the cheating line?

I told my bf i consider kissing on the lips and anythiung after that cheating

i cuddled and let a guy kiss my check and neck at a party.

i know it was wrong, but can i just not do it again? or is that something i should tell him?

Chas answers:

That was unfaithful, but it’s not enough to mention. It won’t rise to the surface.
I think everyone if allowed one slip. I’ve gotten drunk and ended up kissing someone I shouldn’t when I had a boyfriend at the time, I felt so guilty about it and I understood how easy it is to make a mistake. It’s not going to happen again and it barely happened in the first place. Telling isn’t going to do any good at all. If you cheat again then you need to have a think about how much you care about your boyfriend. But for now, you’re fine.

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