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You Asked About: Computer Spyware Removal Mac

Susan asks…

Mac spyware removal and details?

It seems that I have acquired spyware on my mac, a keylogger from the looks of it. Here’s what happened: Yesterday I was just browsing the web when I stumbled upon a suspicious site, when the internet stopped for a few seconds, then when it finally resumed, the computer started to make that rapid ticking noise that they tend to make, which wouldn’t be unusual except for that it was happening in excess whenever I moved the mouse. I looked in the activity monitor, and found that the network activity sent information jumped when i moved the mouse, and that the process called “_windows” also increased the speed of sent information when the mouse was moved. I don’t know much about the workings of macs, but I also find it somewhat suspicious that there is another process being run by “nobody”. Clarification on the situation would be appreciated (PLEASE HELP!)
The process that seems to be sending the info when the cursor is moved is actually “WindowsServer” under the user “_windows”.

This seems like a very rare instance.

Chas answers:

Unless you are using Windows on your Mac, you are fine. There are no released MacOs X viruses. You cannot get any malware/adware/spyware on a Mac by just visiting a website. You have to download the software, agree to install it and put in your admin password twice. The trojan software (keylogger) disguises itself as a free poker game, a free Mac anti-virus, a free Mac porn viewer, or a free Mac adware/malware remover. So if you didn’t get duped into installing one of those, you don’t have anything.
If you are still worried, go to your system preferences, sharing and turn off file sharing and make sure the firewall is enabled. You can also go to Safari and delete all your cookies. If you are still worried, do a Google for ClamXav, it’s a free legitimate Mac anti-virus. I’ve done tech support for ten years for hundreds of Macs, never had one running MacOs X with a virus/malware/adware etc. I have 5 Macs of my own, none have any anti-virus software on them. You are safe on a Mac unless you get tricked into installing fake software.
You can access Windows servers on your Mac for their file sharing, that may be what is happening. Click on “go” in your top menu bar, connect to server and see what it shows.

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