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You Asked About: Cyber Bullying

David asks…

Cyber bullying?

The education board are taking action against groups of pupils who use cyber space as an avenue for bullying co students. (Internet chat, my space mobiles etc etc). Have your youngsters suffered with this? If they are successful could they advise YA?

Chas answers:

One of my daughters friends was a victim of Internet and mobile bullying, it got so bad the poor lad didn’t dare leave the house. His mother got a glimpse of a particularly disturbing mail that had been sent to him and called the police. The police took his computer and phone along with those belonging to the bully, this person did not realize that it is difficult to completely delete information off the computer and the police were able to find every nasty mail and text he had sent, he is now in the process of being prosecuted. I have spoken to the police myself as my daughter is a witness in this case, in regards to the bullying at school this poor boy had to go through, and they have told me they take this form of bullying very seriously and will prosecute anyone who tries to intimidate over the net or by phone. The school were very slow to act at first, but since the police have been involved they have started to act more responsibly, and every child using a computer has to have signed permission from a teacher or member of staff.

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