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You Asked About: Cyber Livestock

Robert asks…

Who thinks that there needs to be more Yahoo Answers categories?

Like, with cyber schooled people in the Home schooling category, they get reprimanded because “cyber school’s not home schooling” Well, there’s no where else to put the question but the home schooling category!

And also, for questions about livestock like goats, sheep, steers, ect. They have to be posted under Other – Pets when they’re not pets! Horses have their own category, why can’t Yahoo add a Livestock category?

Also, for the spell checking, when I type something like cyberschooling, wethers, lionhead rabbit, ect, it keeps saying that they’re misspelled, but they’re not!

Just a few thinks that I think that Yahoo Answers can improve on.

What other things need their own categories? What do you think?

Chas answers:

Myself and the team would love to add more categories but at this stage it’s not possible for a number of reasons. Hopefully we’ll have other ways of addressing this problem in the future. We are considering suggestions for new categories and many have been submitted by our Suggestion Board:

Finally, regarding the dictionary, we do add new words in from time to time and I’ve made a note of those words.

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