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You Asked About: Emotional Cheating Husband

William asks…

How would a woman know if her husband cheated on her whether it be emotional cheating on the web, cell,?

or physical face to face. What are the best telltale signs besides not having an income for about 2-3 years? Or benefits for his family?


Chas answers:

Seven common warning signs someone is cheating on you:

1. The most common warning is when a partner tells you something is amiss and you don’t believe it. He or she may say, ‘This marriage isn’t working,’ or ‘I am not happy.’
2. Sudden change — or interest — in appearance.
3. If your partner says, ‘You need to see a psychiatrist,’ ‘You need help,’ ‘Get a job,’ ‘Lose weight,’ or ‘Go to the gym,’ and is constantly critical, it’s all part of the same theme — which is that there is something wrong with you. Unconsciously, they are setting it up to say their partner was nuts and wouldn’t even go for help. Another tip-off is when he or she starts picking fights about something you are good at, so you fight back and then he or she calls you argumentative.
4. Gives you guilt gifts.
5. If you get the cold shoulder at your spouse’s company holiday party where everyone used to be friendly, it’s a sign that his colleagues either know about the affair and figure you are on the way out, so why be nice? Or your partner has been making critical comments about you so they think you are no good.
6. When a partner is sneaking around a bit, it’s a sign. Maybe he or she takes secret cell phone calls on the porch instead of using the phone by the bed, or maybe he is out on weeknights whereas he used to be home watching television. If you see that a person is not around that much and is gone on different nights, something may be up.
7. Sometimes people with a background of these types of things may be more likely to repeat them. There are exceptions and people can change patterns in their life, but if we are talking about red flags, history is a red flag.

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