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You Asked About: Emotional Infidelity Marriage

George asks…

What do you understand by ’emotional infidelity’? Is it an affair with others out of your marriage?

How far can we go on with emotional infidelity , there’s no physical involve. Is this right? How do men n women differ in their opinion in this matter?

Chas answers:

Hi Sweetie, I think emotional infidility is when one partner has an emotional relationship and flirtatious relationship with someone outside of the marriage. In a healthy marriage the partners within the marriage share their emotional information primarily with each other. When one of the partners chooses to share everything with a person outside of the marriage, that’s emotional infidelity, especially if it is a person of the opposite sex. Marriage is sacred and that private emotional information is part of what bonds partners together, sharing with others outside of the marriage takes away a big part of what makes a partner special. When someone is addicted to porn, to me, that is also infidelity. Sexual attraction and action should occur only within the sacred bonds of marriage. Well, those are my thoughts, I hope that helps. Good luck

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