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You Asked About: Forgiving Cheating Poems

Steven asks…

Should I forgive my cheating husband?

I recently found out my husband cheated in me with someone he works with, I found out a few days ago–I found pics, He has written me letters and poems asking my forgiveness, He calls me crying everyday. Of course he is promising me the world, “I will be a husband you can be proud of, and I promise to do all I can to make this marriage work, Anyway….. I feel very hurt and I have told him it is over. We dont have children yet but we were trying when he cheated, He is my highschool sweetheart and Ive known him most my life. There was infidelity before in college. I am so angry and hurt. I dont know what to do!

Chas answers:

Probably forgiving is very tough. But dont take any decision in a haste. Wait, give your self a time. When you hate some one all you see in him is his bad part. Even if you had many special moments with him and even if has lots of +ve things too you will not be able to see.

You dont have to forgive him or take him back but give time before you make any decision.

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