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You Asked About: Found Out My Wife Is Having An Affair

Steven asks…

My friend is having an affair with a transsexuali, how do you think his family will react if they found out?

My friend has been having a secret affair with a pre-op transsexual girl for the past year. He’s been married for 26 years, has a daughter who is 23, the transsexual woman is 24. He worries about his family finding out about his affair. Do you think they’ll consider him, “Just a normal straight guy” after the family finds out? His wife works for a Catholic school, and all his friends know him a tough, masculine guy.

Chas answers:

4 me it would depend on weather the girl still had her pe pe or not. A pe pe is a pe pe even if u do look like a female on the outside He should think about his family. The worst thing a woman could find out about her husband is he’s been cheating on her with a man who’s young enough 2 b his son!! I couldn’t imagine the pain she’s going 2 encounter if this gets out!!

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