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You Asked About: Hi Infidelity Band

Richard asks…

Should I be jealous or concerned?


My situation is this. My wife and I are quite happily married. She is a talented singer and wants to join a band or find a musician to practice and eventually play at local clubs. My concern is that my wife is an extremely attractive woman. I am not saying that because she is my wife but because it really is the case. Where ever she goes people compliment her on her beauty and her gentle demeanor. Being a man myself and knowing the attraction that people fel towards her, would I be an idiot to sit back and let her spend time with other adult men in the musical field? I worry that this could lead to an uncomfortable situation and in the worse case marital infidelity. I trust my wife but one can never be too sure of a situation until it avails itself. Should I be o.k. with this or should I say something to stop it. Men and women please reply.


Chas answers:

From a personal point of view, I also was a singer and told I was attractive and great personality. Never once did I even think of being with someone else than my husband. If your wife loves you and is committed to your marriage, you have nothing to worry about.

I would join her as much as possible, so you could be involved in this part of her life; plus she will love the support you give her. Be proud of her and know she and you are lucky to have found someone. We don’t know what the future holds; why worry about something that will probably never happen.

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