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You Asked About: How Can I Fall

Thomas asks…

How can I get my bangs like hers: Pic Included?

OK so my hair is layered kind of exactly like this

and like it splits to the side like hers and my bangs are side swept if I put it down it reaches down to the tip of my nose… I don’t really like this look even though I get a lot of compliments on it.
I kind of want my hair to fall like this



i don’t know how to describe it but on the first picture look at her hair and you can see like tiny hair sticking up (or where all her bangs begin in the middle of her hair…) you know how guys have those swirls thing in their hair like miniature Bald spots or something. hahaha I want all my bangs to fall down like in the pictures ahaha do you know how to do this? I search mutiple youtube and found nothing.. unless you like to tryy
Ohh and if you can guesstimate than what color is her hair but like lighter and how long do you think her bangs are like the length lmao

Chas answers:

I have my hair like that, I don’t always wear it that way, but all she did was get short, choppy layers with razored bangs and she teased her under layers to give a lift to the top layers. *for the way the top looks in the second picture, it’s all about the way she brushed it ,and then styled it. Good luck

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