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You Asked About: How Can I Trust My Partner Again

Maria asks…

How can I trust my partner again?

I just found out that my partner has been looking at porn. Ever since we got together a year and a half ago he made it clear that he would never look at porn because it’s disgusting. I was on his ipod and was about to download an application when I saw on the search bar the word porn. I confronted him about this and he denied it so convincingly that I almost believed him. He said it wasn’t him but it could only have been either him or myself because no one else would know my itunes password. He said a whole lot of excuses. Later in the day when I was about to apologise for accusing him, he admitted that he lied. It really hurt me so much. It’s not the porn that annoyed me it was him lying about a lot of things and telling me that he doesn’t lie. I trusted him so much that when he says anything I believed that it’s the truth. I want to keep this relationship but I don’t know if I can ever trust him again. We’re only young and I‘ve got a feeling that he will lie about a lot of things in the future and I‘m scared that it will get worse.
As I said above it’s not about the porn. It’s about the lying. Please read carefully.

Chas answers:

Yeah, my bf lies about looking at porn too. He also says its gross. I don’t care if he looks at porn, he could look at it right in front of me and I wouldnt care, it’s when he lies that pisses me off. One time I found a porn dvd in the closet, it was dated the year 2009. He said it was his dads dvd, well his dad hadn’t been at the house in 2 years…..uhhh…..yeah.

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